Danilo calls on citizens to “think and unite” in the face of rising violence and crime in the country

Former President of the Republic Danilo Medina called for “reflection and unity” in the face of the increase in criminal acts and violence recorded in the country in recent weeks.

Our country and nationality They need peace, serenity and calm And they stopped living in fear. They need to regain confidence and calm, which is why everyone’s cooperation, absolutely everyone, is urgent. That is why, as superstars, today I want to ask each one of you and all the supporters of PLD who listen to me only one thing: to be, in all times and places, an example of harmony, respect and love for others,” said President Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

Medina expressed his belief in the ability of the Dominican people to overcome adversity and therefore sent “plant optimism To improve the conditions in the Dominican society today.

“Let us remind everyone who wants to listen that our country and our people are much bigger and more powerful than any crisis and any tragedy. And that few violent people will be able to slander the good reputation of a happy, hardworking and hospitable people, let us go there to bring peace, hope and unity. let’s do good Whenever we have the opportunity to do so…because that’s what Professor Juan Bosch will do.”

The former president’s statements came during a Oath-taking ceremony A total of 19,350 people from the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte became “new members” of the PLD in the Sports Center of The lost paper.

The former president, before uttering the central words in the act, indicated that he would not make a “political speech”, because the former ruling party general secretary, Charlie Mariotti, had already taken an interest in it and that he would use the time to give a “very important message”.

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