Brutal aggression against Juan Guaido by angry Chavez supporters

The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, was attacked on Saturday in the state of Cojedes by violent Chavista militants, who pushed and physically assaulted him.. The events took place in San Carlos, where Guaido arrived as part of his tour of Venezuela.

After a huge opposing caravan, Maduro’s regime fighters surprised the opposition leader at a meeting center.

One of Chavismo’s fighters started shouting “Guito out,” while another woman in a red uniform slammed into the windows and shouted forcefully..

Pictures of the aggression he was subjected to inside the place circulated on social media. In a video you can see how it is being pushed and what things are being thrown at it.Chavestas attacked Juan Guaido in the state of Cojedes.

Voluntad Popular member Freddy Guevara denounced the attack and skipped over those who downplayed the episode: “I see confused people (and unfortunately people are spreading this): Guaidó was not taken out of a restaurant by dissatisfied Venezuelans. It was not a restaurant (it was a meeting place). Nor was it taken out of a restaurant by unhappy Venezuelans. They are ordinary citizens, but of the regime. It was an ambush“.

No threat, ambush or aggression will take us from our duty and responsibility: to stand by our people. You are brave, we are proud of you, Juan Guaido,” Fabiana Rosales, the opponent’s wife, wrote on social networks.

Minutes before the attack, the interim president met with residents of the area at a rally. “Cojedes is the land that confronted the dictatorship and defeated them. We have come today to search for them to consolidate unity, a tool that has been instrumental throughout this struggle to challenge and defeat a regime that wants to make us accustomed to tragedy,” the opponent wrote minutes ago.

The attack is not the first, but Chavista fighters are seeking to demobilize the opposition week after week. In fact, last Saturday, armed men from the regime tried to sabotage their activities in the Zulia region (Northwest).

After he met the opposition authorities in the region, his agenda included a meeting with the Zulians and a tour of various sectors of Maracaibo, but he was hardly able to advance, as a group of people identifying themselves as “revolutionaries” and chanting that the popular “Viva Chavez” prevented him from ending his agenda as is. Planned battle of chairs between the opposition and Altavismo in Venezuela.

Guaido blamed Venezuelan ruling United Socialist Party Council member Jose Sierra, who accused him of attacking opposition sympathizers who were organizing a citizen’s rally.

In the video, which Guaido shared on social networks, Chavismo’s advisor, Jose Sierra, was identified among a group of people who stayed outside a sports center where the activity will be carried out with the chief in charge.

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