Why fear Gustavo Petro campaign of the US government?

One of the major concerns of the Historic Charter Campaign concerns Gustavo Petro’s distant relationship with the United States. Prevention has reached the point that some of its members, such as Senator Roy Barreras, suggest that this country could become an obstacle for a candidate to reach the presidency.

Barreras revealed this tense situation during a strategy meeting, before the first round, which was also attended, among others, by Alfonso Prada, Clara Lopez, Luis Fernando Velasco and Timstocles Ortega. “I am very concerned about their concerns,” says Barreras, who said he met with Terry Steers-Gonzalez, the US government’s political affairs adviser in Colombia. “He spoke with Petro a few times,” he says.. Barriers.

The senator expresses concern that the “US Embassy” or the “Drug Enforcement Administration” has “an agenda to prevent Petro from becoming president” and lists the reasons for the strained relationship. Among them is opposition to the historic charter candidate for the use of glyphosate against coca crops.

He told us there was a clear hostility,” Barreras said at the meeting. I told them: I do not understand them. The embassy’s main concern is drug smuggling. You know drug smuggling infiltrates the Duque government,” says Barreras, who also said he told a US embassy official that Federico Gutierrez would be linked to Envigado’s office and that he was linked to Angel Total Solutions SAS, which appeared in Panama papers.

Barreras talks about “expanding the conversation with the FBI” and notes that it is necessary to ensure that US Ambassador Philip Goldberg receives Petro. In fact, he talks about a connection attempt that did not flow.

At the meeting, Barreras lamented that all political sectors had contacts with the embassy, ​​except for the left. “There is a smooth connection with the right, with the right middle, with the left middle, but there is no connection with the left,” Barreras says.

At one point, referring to the United States, he noted, “These guys are bringing down presidents.” “The meeting with the ambassador is very important,” he says. “We have to strengthen this rapprochement,” Barreras repeats. Clara Lopez, the former appointed mayor of Bogotá who was Gustavo Petro’s vice-president formula, stresses that this appointment is a priority. “This is very important, more than adhesions,” Lopez says.

Eduardo Noriega, who was the general secretary in the office of Mayor Gustavo Pietro, He says there is an idea that Petro would head to Washington after the elections if he was elected president. He says they recommended in the US capital that before visiting the State Department, it would have been ideal for Petro to meet with the US ambassador in Bogota.

At the meeting, attendees said “the problem is time” and suggested Petro have an appointment with Chancellor Terry Stears-Gonzalez. “It’s very easy to arrange breakfast at the ambassador’s house,” says Clara Lopez, who suggests Eduardo Noriega and Alfonso Prada speak to the ambassador and request an appointment. Of course, those present point out that before anything else, Petro’s approval must be obtained, and Clara says: “It cannot be done without asking Gustavo.”

One of the most powerful scandals that shook Gustavo Petro’s campaign, which resonated in the United States, was the visit of his brother Juan Fernando to the La Picota prison, where he spoke of “social tolerance” for those convicted of corruption, murder and other crimes. It was also learned that Senator-elect Pidad Cordoba, of the Historic Charter, visited the persons being handed over at La Picota Prison.

Some of them will be Jose Leonardo Muñoz Martinez, aka Douglas, the former head of the Envigado office; Francisco Javier Zuluaga, aka Gordo Lindo; Juan Jose Valencia, better known as Andrea, is in charge of the finances of the Clan del Golfo, and John Freddy Zapata, better known as Messi, a member of the Del Golfo clan.

The authorities are trying to confirm whether it is true that each time he entered Córdoba, in addition to seeing his relative, he would have met many people who could be extradited, and allegedly offered not to extradite them if Gustavo Petro had been elected president.

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