What was found in the SUV of Orlando executioner Jorge Mira

Accused of killing the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources with six bullets. Orlando Jorge Mirahad to leave the basement of that establishment’s black SUV, the Toyota Rush G brand, as of 2019, in which he arrived to carry out the crime.

In the file requesting a coercive action from the Public Prosecution Office, he explains that to escape from the institution, he used a ladder and took advantage of the commotion that occurred after hearing the shots to leave the building on foot and then get into a car. .

In the car review, the property Fausto Miguel de Jesus Cruz De la Mota, aka Karandi, the accused, the authorities found, in addition to a minuzy my passport in your name, 180 thousand Brazilian riyals and cartier roadster watch, Their prices range from 2,000 to 20,000 euros.

Similarly, documents were found regarding “the return of the file to Aurum Gavia, SN issued by the Deputy Minister of Environmental Management in the Ministry of the Environment. File No. two (2) contains documents in official English with acknowledgment of receipt dated 26/7/2021 Deputy Minister of Management Ministry of Environment. File No. three (3) containing the Augum Gavia export permit application.

Supposed to cell phone killing Who is responsible was due to the refusal to approve those export permits related to used batteries and that is why the company, of Swiss origin, is under investigation.

Mini Uzi is a “Best-Amit type” with a diameter of 9 mm, and is contained in 2 magazines and 30 capsules. It was 180,000 pesos in 90,000 banknotes. The two passports “one with number SE1576412 and the other number RD6850271 and both are in the name of Fausto Miguel de Jesus Cruz from death.

Similarly, in the back of the SUV, along with the documents mentioned above, there was “File No. 04, yellow folder containing an official import and marketing license.” arms and ammunition. Transmission of Legal Opinion No. DJOL-2-2021-00043 relating to DACD Metal and Recycling Export DSL, Coy, CO, LTD dated 11/8/2021. Referral of legal opposition between Dans Internacional SRL and DW Tech Corporation Inc. On Wednesday 8/11/2021.

The investigators also confiscated “License No. 0318125 for the Secretary of the Armed Forces” in the name of the defendant. killing From Orlando Jorge Miraadds a forced action request, which was due to be known this Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

The other documents are two rubber stamps, one for Lincey Shire SRL (round) and the other square with the name Carandai SRL.

The indictment says that Carandai Armory Property of the accused located at Avenida 27 de Febrero No.102, in front of the Otolaryngology Center, DN, “proving that 12 mm rifles, Maverick brand, Model 88” were seized in the said raid, as well as cartridges, chargers And documents in the name of the executioner.

These files include two identification badges No. 406 dated 23/05/1997 issued by the Secretary of State for the Armed Forces and another No. 150,000 issued on 16/8/2004 by the Presidency of the Republic.

The doctor prohibits the import of weapons

The nickname could have been Carandai de Cruz de la Mota because it was dedicated to the import of this type of pistol and because of the armory of the same name. The owners of these companies complained that more than 50 percent of their companies no longer exist due to the ban on importing arms Since 2006.

In the country, only security institutions can import arms. This measure is stipulated in Decree No. 309-06 of then-President Leonel Fernandez.

The weapon that Cruz de la Mota used to kill Jorge Mira, according to the Ministry of Public Affairs, is a .380-caliber Taurus pistol, serial number KXL44043. In the indictment, he was accused of violating Sections 66 and 67 of Law 631-16 on Crimes and Crimes arms illegal, who could face up to 40 years in prison for killing who is in Charge.

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