Vittelson and Morita are arguing about bullfighting in Arena Mexico

Mexico City /

Heriberto Moretaa journalist known for his love of bullfighting, is recommended David Fatelson Educate himself before giving an opinion about this discipline, which he defended on the pretext of it There is no meanness or “filth” in itAs stated by his controversial partner.

to begin with, Vittelson praised the authorities indefinitely suspending bullfights in Arena Mexicoalthough the comment was a stinging criticism that sparked intense debate on social networks.

We must congratulate the authorities, especially the federal judge who ordered the prevention of bullfighting in Mexico Square. Vile bloody, painful and vile activity “The only thing he discovers is human filth,” David wrote on Twitter.

A few hours later, Morita responded to the comment in a polite but forceful manner, not without pointing out Fettelson’s ignorance of the so-called Fiesta Brava.

“David , You must know bullfighting before expressing your opinion in a wrong and disproportionate way. It is far from being made up of killing bulls. There is absolutely no rudeness in bullfighting or filth in those of us who are fans.

As a final comment, David admitted his ignorance of the world of bullfighting, though he emphasized that he knows what it is. “Respect the lives of all God’s creatures”.

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