They accuse Google and Facebook of giving Vladimir Putin a “great gift” that will benefit him in the war with Ukraine

Russian opposition leader imprisoned Alexei Navalny Criticize Google and Meta Platforms Inc To close ads, a move he said, It hurt the opposition and thus became a gift to President Vladimir Putin.

In a letter written in Copenhagen Summit for DemocracyNavalny, who is currently imprisoned in Russia, said the state uses technology to arrest opponents, but it also provides an opportunity to get to the truth. “The Internet gives us the power to circumvent censorship.”He indicated in the letter, a copy of which was published on his official blog.

He accused, according to Reuters, “However, at the same time, Google and Meta, by closing their ads in Russia, deprived the opposition of the opportunity to campaign against the war, giving Putin a great gift.”

He continued, “We all have a lot of questions. Should the internet giants continue pretending to be ‘just a company’ for them and act as ‘neutral platforms’? Should they keep claiming that social media users in the United States and Eritrea, in Denmark and Russia are Should they work under the same rules? How should government guidance deal with the internet, given that Norway and Uganda seem to have slightly different ideas about the role of the internet and democracy?“.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, before his arrest

In this way, Navalny warned that “everything is very complex and very controversial.” “Everything should be discussed bearing in mind that discussion should also lead to solutions,” he considered, and concluded: “We love technology. We love social networks. We want to live in a free media society. So let’s find out how to prevent bad guys from using the information society to take their nations and all of us into the dark ages.“.

So far, neither of the two giants has made a statement regarding Navalny’s statements. Since March, just days after Russian forces invaded Ukraine, both Google and Meta have stopped advertising to users in Russia.

In the midst of war, a Russian court sentenced the opposition leader Alexei Navalny Charged with fraud and contempt and sentenced Nine years in a maximum security prison, After a trial, Kremlin critics said, was aimed at keeping the president’s staunch enemies alive Russian President Vladimir Putinin prison for a long time.

The judge also ordered Navalny, who has already spent more than a year in prison, to pay a A fine of 1.2 million rubles (about $11,500).

The charismatic anti-corruption activist, a 45-year-old former lawyer, andHe is serving a two-and-a-half year prison sentence in a criminal colony east of Moscow.. He is accused of embezzling funds he had collected with his foundation for years and insulting a judge during a previous trial.

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