The system cut off the Internet for the Cuban mother, who was widely spread to demand decent treatment from the government

The Cuban regime removed the Internet from Cuban mother Amelia Calzadelawhich spread on Cuban social networks after denouncing the hardships she is experiencing to support her three children and demanded that the government treat Cubans decently, and demanded her resignation.

Calzadela’s claim sparked a wave of support and adhesion for Cuban mothers and fathers It has been shared hundreds of times. Similarly, the use of the hashtags #TodosSomosAmelia and #YoTambienSoyAmeliaCalzadilla has expanded on Twitter.

In response, the young woman said in an interview with Cuban activist Celie Gonzalez Velasquez, She received a “visit” of three people sent by the authorities “who questioned her about what she said. The only revenge for the time was to cut off the internet for her.”Velazquez denounced on Twitter.

In a phone conversation with the activist, the page was broadcast all cubaaMelia said she was “so grateful to all the people who have somehow sympathized or shown solidarity with my problem.” (…) And with all the people who approached me to offer me something cheap, even if it was refused. (…) Nobody pays me or gives me anything.”

He admitted that the attention caused by his complaint caused some anxiety in his young children, so he focused on them, and She confirmed that “when I arrived at my husband’s parents’ house, I did not have the Internet and currently I do not have the Internet.”

“I see this as unintelligent, because if people are asking where I am, the state of opinion that can be generalized is that something has happened to me and nothing has happened to me yet,” he said.

For the mothers who have shown solidarity with his position, “I send you all this greeting (…) For all the people who didn’t let me feel lonely and didn’t let me regret saying how I feel for a moment, I have to give them a million thanks. (…) Master, speak your truth, and be true to yourselves so that you may be true to others. ”

While that, It also mobilized official networks against the mother. The Twitter profile Barricade Cuba, where anonymous profiles supporting the regime met, lashed out against him, noting how in his live broadcast “luxury lamps were seen in all rooms, and expensive displays in MLC stores. (…) What kind of poverty are you talking about? Amelia What is this nerve?

The usual smear tactic used by the regime and its spokesmen against its critics prompted the Chungo Papel file to respond in the post’s forum: “And in the end, communism is against the poor because it’s not miserable and against miserable because it doesn’t say thank you…”

Cuban humorist Ulysses Tuirak confined himself to commenting on his Facebook wall: “To Whom It May Concern: Amelia Calzadela is not the enemy. I’m saving her alive,” he said, vigilant for any retaliation she might suffer.

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