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Although there are still many social stigmas around this topic, the sexual health industry is increasingly in demand. For this reason, new items have been created in line with the latest technology, in order to provide consumers with an unforgettable experience in their privacy.

According to the specialized finance magazine “Forbes”, the sexual health market represented $39 billion (more than 148 billion pesos) from the global economy in 2017.

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As explained by Forbes, it is expected that by 2026 this industry will contribute 123 billion dollars (more than 468 billion pesos) annually to the global economy.

The sexual technology market offers a variety of items other than vibrators, such as robots, educational apps, erotic virtual reality platforms, and interactive pornography.

What are the best selling smart sex toys?

As for the “teledonics” games, which are sex toys with the latest technology, they have made great developments that make these items more accessible and provide different options so that the user experience is more enjoyable.

What has most attracted consumers’ attention are the shakers that can be connected to specific applications so that the movements and intensity of the item can be controlled from mobile devices.

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The gaming industry is growing.

Similarly, there are now “smart” sex toys that can measure arousal levels, and contain temperature sensors and pelvic floor motion tracking devices. This is in order to make the experience of intimacy more accurate and personal.

The best selling games in the market

According to two articles from the specialized web portal “She Knows” and “Forbes” magazine, these are the most popular means of remote communication on the market and their characteristics:

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WeVibe Sync

Recently, WeVibe released a new smart vibrator called Sync, which has a bluetooth device so that users can control it from the remote control or from their mobile phone through mobile apps.

This sex toy is designed to be used as a couple or individually. It’s also moldable, which means that You can adapt it to the shape of your body for a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

Plus, it’s USB rechargeable and is water-resistant, so you can also use it in the shower or bathtub. The item is priced at $189 (719,000 pesos).

We are Vibe Sync

We Vibe Sync, the newest sex toy from the We Vibe brand.


The peculiarity of the lioness rocker is that It keeps a record of user experiences, so that a person can learn more about their body and their way of feeling pleasure.

This toy contains body temperature sensors and assesses pelvic floor movement, helping to explain how arousal and orgasm levels behave during sexual activity. The price of the lioness is 229 dollars (871,000 pesos).

Satisfy Corrugated 2 Plus

This female vibrator deals with pressure waves that stimulate the clitoris, and because this organ contains so many nerve endings, the levels of pleasure are unparalleled. The item is priced at $49.95 (190,000 pesos).

It can be controlled by a mobile app, which can be controlled by another person remotely, making the experience perfect as a couple. Within the different options that the platform offers, you can make the vibrations move to the beat of the music that you like the most.

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Elvie Trainer

As its name suggests, this device is designed to train and strengthen the pelvic floor that Not only does it benefit sexual stimuli, but it also helps prevent diseases such as urinary incontinence.

It is ideal for women who have recently given birth and wish to restore the strength and stability of their pelvic floor. The Elvie Trainer is controlled by a mobile platform that records the progress of your workouts.

In addition to helping with the health of the female reproductive system, it contains vibrations that will give you a very pleasant experience. The article has a value of 193 dollars (734,000 pesos).

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