The heartbreaking message released by the Chispita and Charkito family a month after their disappearance

Nelson Villatoro Escobar and Jocelyn Chacón Lobo, better known as small pool s Bright They disappeared on May 9 and a month later, there is no word on their whereabouts, while the family is demanding justice.

They both disappeared on May 9 after giving a show in Escuintla.

They then headed to Guatemala City for another evening event, but never returned home in Amatitlan.

Family and friends of the couple They organized rallies and posted on social media to demand an investigation and find out what happened.

This Thursday, June 9, marks a month since the disappearance of Victoria de la Lobo, the child’s mother. Bright Share a post on Facebook To express their concern about what is happening.

“Today is a month and nothing is known about them. I can’t stand this pain anymore, I’ll never smile again, they took a part of my heart, The other part of my heart is with my little children, I love them wherever they are, and I ask God to touch the hearts of people who have or who know where they are, so that I can say through an anonymous call where they are please,” he crossed on Facebook.

Free Press and Guatevision News They consulted Jocelyn Chacon Lobo’s mother, who referred to the case and indicated that she was aware that the authorities were working to clarify the case, But they did not give him more details so as not to hamper the investigation.

He declared that depending on how the situation continues, They will analyze if they are taking another walk to demand clarification of the situation For the clown couple.

Last May 30 march, Lubo recalled the day the couple disappeared It was a subcontractor who contacted the couple for the supposed event they were going to cover.

He added that this person is now refusing to give details of who actually identified the missing couple.

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