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Amazon has enhanced the in-app shopping experience with its augmented reality tool that lets you try on shoes.

Virtual Try On is available on iPhone for users in the United States and Canada.

Try on thousands of pairs of shoes with the Virtual Try On feature.

To use Virtual Try On, open the Amazon app and choose a pair of shoes from the Amazon Store.

Press the virtual test button in the center of the page and point the camera at your feet; The boot will appear after a short loading screen.

Amazon says there are thousands of shoes available for digital fit from all major brands, including New Balance, Adidas, and Reebok; Nike, however, is noticeably absent.

A digital shoe experience won’t help judge comfort or fit, but wearers will know for sure if they like the look of the shoe.

The feature is available exclusively on iOS, adding fuel to the idea that iOS 16 contains more than just a small amount of augmented reality DNA.

Amazon and Apple have been using augmented reality to improve the shopping experience since 2017.

The Amazon app offers augmented reality platforms that allow users to experiment with furniture, beauty products, and clothing.

Augmented reality shopping is accessible 24/7, requires no staff assistance, and gets shoppers connected with more stock — and consumers and retailers win.

This long-term partnership between Apple and Amazon could be the product of two smart, well-paid CEOs who realize they have a common enemy at Google.

In a final battle in the never-ending war between tech giants, Amazon has halted sales of songs, audiobooks and e-books on the Google Play Store after Google required a commission on digital products.

If Apple and Amazon are working together to annoy Google for their own reasons, Wall Street doesn’t seem to mind a rivalry between two people.

Tech stocks are down pretty much across the board, but Google is still above $2,000 a share.

Time magazine reports that social media sites that are evolving into augmented reality shopping and e-commerce platforms can be repurposed as social media posts.

The shopping experience that used to be based on thousands of square meters of storefront now fits inside your iPhone.

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