#Live: They know some amount of coercion against Miguel Cruz for the murder of Orlando Jorge Mira

On Saturday, he will hear the hearing for a motion for coercive action against Fausto Miguel Cruz de la Mota, who fired several shots at the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mira, last Monday.

The hearing was scheduled to take place last Thursday, but Judge Francisco Rodriguez, of the National District Court of Permanent Control, decided to set a new date for the hearing of the application for coercive measure, as a result of the victim’s defense saying: He needed more time to review the file.

Prosecutors requested a year of preventive detention, and detailed in the coercive measure request document that Cruz committed the act by refusing a permit to export about 5,000 tons of used batteries.

Fausto’s lawyers Miguel Cruz confirmed that they would not oppose the coercive measure requested by the plaintiffs, although they maintained that their client was “not guilty”.

“The defense met and decided that no matter what budget (Fausto Miguel Cruz) had in order not to impose pretrial detention on him, the best thing would be, wisely, that we would not oppose the coercive measure initiated by (Fausto Miguel Cruz) the Public Prosecution Office,” Evo said. Renee Sanchez, member of the defense of the accused.

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