Judge did not specify a reason to try the five accused of killing Camacho’s “inspector”

A Bayamon court judge on Friday dismissed the case against five suspects accused of killing the boxer. Hector “Macho” Camacho and your friend, Alberto Mojica Marero.

judge’s decision Elmer Rodriguez Diaz For what The Public Prosecution Office stated that it was not ready to continue the preliminary hearing because it still lacked the presence of William Ojeda Ramos, the star witness.. Ojeda Ramos, who was in Puerto Rico under surveillance by authorities, bought a plane ticket and left the country without testifying at the initial hearing against the five accused of the crime, leaving the case up in the air.

Attorney General Hector Siaka Flores reported that they are waiting for authorities in Florida to process an arrest warrant issued against Ojeda Ramos for failing to comply with the terms of probation, which is to testify in the case.

Maria Matias, left, mother of boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho, sobbing in front of the lawyers accused of killing her son. (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

The Public Prosecution pleaded with the judge to grant him additional time, with a subsequent hearing, at which the witness would be present, but the Togado did not support the request, after receiving the same promise in a previous hearing, that he would appear today.

The judge rejected the request and ordered that the review of the trial continue at noon today. Given this decision, the prosecution stated that it had other witnesses, but had to wait for Ojeda Ramos.

“At this time there is no additional evidence,” the judge said. “The court understands that the case is considered prelude because there is no other evidence.”

The judge then noted that “only one witness has passed here,” referring to agent Jesús Morales Caro. “With this witness, the court does not have the necessary elements to find a probable cause” for the trial, he added. “Under strict law, the court decides that there is no probable cause for the crimes attributed to it.”

Following the decision, the attorney general announced that he would use the 60-day deadline to request a preliminary hearing, which was scheduled for July 8.

The accused are Wilfredo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Joshua Mendes Romero, Juan Figueroa Rivera, Luis Ayala Garcia and Jesus Naranjo Adorno.

Of all of them, only Figueroa Rivera, who was arrested the day the charges were filed, will be released.

The others will still serve sentences in other cases.

After the hearing, Camacho’s mother, Maria Matias, did not comment, as she left the courtroom visibly sad.

For his part, Prosecutor Siaka Flores said outside the courtroom, “We do not agree with the court’s decision. We respect it, but we disagree. Especially when we show the strong measures we have taken to ensure that William Ojeda Ramos appears as a primary witness.”

“We will not give up, we will fight this case,” the attorney general said, confirming that they had taken all measures to get the star witness to testify, who left for Florida last Wednesday, shortly before. Celebrating the view of this issue.

At the time, the Public Prosecution explained that the surveillance conducted by Ojeda Ramos was to protect him, and it was not his arrest or detention that restricted his movement.

Today, Siaka Flores said they were later able to get Bayamon’s court to declare him a primary witness, making it possible to obtain a court order in Florida so that Orange County officials were on their way to arrest the witness this afternoon.

“The measures that the prosecution is taking is for them to sit there and do justice to that family,” said Siaka Flores, who hopes the witness will be present at the pre-trial hearing.

Meanwhile, one of the defense attorneys, Pedro Rivera Martinez, noted that the judge’s decision was “the right one, because the prosecution had agreed that if they did not already have the evidence, they would file the case or seek dismissal.”

In turn, Attorney Mayra Lopez Mulero, another defense attorney, said, “Justice is emerging today with this outcome.”

The one who promised the country to clarify this tragic incident is the Ministry of Justice and the Minister of Justice of this country. They made a presentation and they made a presentation of what they said was a clarification of this issue, but events and events contradict these words.”

“Now they will arrest your witness to force him to testify (at the preliminary hearing),” he added. “Whether the witness will testify or not, this has not been determined by the Public Prosecution.”

The Justice Department filed 27 complaints, including conspiracy and first-degree murder, on March 9, nearly a decade after the crime.

On November 20, 2012, Camacho Matias was at the passenger side of the car and was waiting for his friend Mojica Marrero, after leaving Azukita on PR-167, when unidentified individuals approached the car and opened fire on both. .

Mojica Marrero died on the scene, while Camacho Matías, who was a champion in three divisions of the major boxing organizations, died four days later at Centro Médico Hospital in Rio Piedras.

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