Gustavo Petro and Rui Barreras key points on videos and campaign – Presidency – Election 2022

A complete political uproar erupted this Thursday morning through the videos posted last night in which Rui Barreras, Senator and chief debater for the historic charter candidate, Gustavo PetroHe talks about campaign analysis and strategies and attacks some of the presidential candidate’s electoral rivals.

The videos published by the magazine weekwere recorded several months ago, and in some of them other Petro campaign promoters appear, such as Senator Roosevelt Rodriguez and Temistocles Ortega, as well as former Mayor of Bogotá Clara Lopez.

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The recordings left many apprehensions, considering that Roy in them talks about a “middle division”, launching “attacks” against Petro rivals such as Ex-Minister Alejandro Gaviria and Ex-Governor Sergio Fajardoand mentions an episode of visits by the leaders of the Historic Charter to the Handed Persons Pavilion in La Picota.

Due to this, Petro campaign delegated a spokesperson Alfonso Prada, one of his superiors in the debateHe announced lawsuits in the Office of the Attorney General and in international forums for these leaks.

Some topics seem obvious and in other cases it is suspected that the campaign did not make clear, for example, the mention of an outstanding case with the Swiss Embassy; Petro advisors position on attending Pidad Cordoba in the nomination Petroand a supposed “agreement” between the candidate Former Vice President German Vargas Lleras.

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These are the four keys to loop recordings:

Sebastian Camilo Guanomen, the advisor who talks about the “attacks” on Federico Gutierrez

Sebastian Camilo Guanomin Parra, Gustavo Pietro Communications Analyst.


Twitter: @GuanumenSeb

In a virtual meeting, supposedly with members and supporters of the Petro campaign, Sebastian Camilo Guanomine, candidate advisor, details a plan to, he claims, “attack” Former presidential candidate Federico Gutierrez.

“We need to start planting some rumors and elements that will serve us against Fico, just as they do us. In this campaign, it is not enough to stand up for yourself,” Gwanumin is heard to say.

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Add that to “Attack” To the former candidate of the Colombia team They should distribute, through various networks, information about his “relationship to drug trafficking and his mismanagement in the mayor’s office” and “the networks of power behind him. You have to sell it like a puppet,” the counselor says.

We need to start planting some rumors and elements that will serve us against Fico, just as they serve us. In this campaign, it is not enough to defend yourself alone

He also suggests creating “narrative lines for Drop Fico in terms of its aestheticshis personal life, his political life.

“You have to review the record of Fico and the people around him, but you have to start dropping things, are you ready? Let your imagination run wild (…) Think of attacking Fico and further out of reach of women,” Guanumen said.

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Another aspect he mentions is that members of the Petro expedition should do this Predict that Fico will end the economy of this country. That if we fail, it will be worse with Fico. If Duque leads this country into crisis, Fico will drown it.”

On the subject of women, he tells them to raise focused messages like these: “Do you trust someone like Fico? Put his face on her, as well as rotten, I don’t know.”

And he says: “On the subject of security, for example, do you know that Fico never – we should exaggerate – never put him in prison? (…) Did you know that you defended Oficina de Envigado? It’s like people who go out into the street and get robbed thinking: Son of a bitch, that’s Vico’s fault.”

The split in the middle and the attacks on Alejandro Gaviria and Sergio Fajardo

In one of the recordings, a file appears Senator Barriers Speaking at a political meeting, who arrived at Petro filter itselfabout anti-center strategies and about some of the presidential candidates identified with this trend.

In this sense, the congressman and Petro Debate chairperson asserts that it is necessary to think “tactically about splitting the middle or not. For what it’s worth, catch the wave.” Fajardo and fetch him or, if so, we’ll face Alejandro Gaviria. Decide what to do and we are ready to go into battle.”

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Barreras also says there are two possibilities: “Or split this center even more and make Mister Fajardo unreliable as well, could survive to split the vote in the middle (…), or quite the opposite, because Fajardo is also a threat. Fajardo, nobody trusts him either. If this is not the strategy, we have to decide to leave attack on Alejandro Gaviria“.

He made a statement that caught the eye: “I said it 15 days ago and Petro could not be attacking him (Alejandro Gaviria). Vinicius said she’s a ‘good lady’ no one can treat her badly. Well, Petro can’t treat her badly, but I can Treat him poorly,” says Roy.

Visiting the surrendered wings of prisons

In another video, senators appear Roosevelt Rodriguez, Temistocles Ortega and former mayor Clara LopezCongressman Barreras spoke of “visits to prisons” and “the extradition wing” by “the leaders of the historic charter offering non-extradition.”

A few months ago it became known that Juan Fernando Petro, brother of the presidential candidate, He was in La Pecota prison meeting some detainees and was convicted of crimes related to corruption, among other things.

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Gustavo Petro and his brother Juan Fernando Pietro Origo.

Juan Fernando Petro Orego, brother of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro.

“It will be removed soon. I told them now, you have to blow it up, Like when you detonate explosives in a controlled manner. The campaign must warn him, exclude him, not go out and give explanations. “No, the one who went wants to say something else, this delivery is a neo-colonial order and I don’t know what,” Barreras said in the video.

On this point, the congressman and chair of the Petro Debate emphasized Thursday, in BluRadioWhat was being talked about? Separate the campaign from this type of activity And to say that those who made these offers in the name of the historical pact did not have permission to do so.

SuperGiros: Roy made a statement and the company post

in the recordings, Rui Barreras also confirmed that SuperGiros He supported Petro’s presidential campaign in the first round and that he would contribute up to 500 million pesos for the second round. But the company rejected these statements and confirmed that it “does not support, has not supported and will not financially support any political campaign.”

Economic support must be recorded in the books presented by the campaigns on National Electoral Council And there is no record in these documents of any economic contribution from the company because it is clear that this has not been done,” SuperGiros adds in the statement.

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But in the video Roy says SuperGiros “helped them in the first round” And that “he wants to explain with the board of directors how they can move toward a financial cooperative system.”

They heard Petro talking about how to end the monopoly of the financial system. This goes hand in hand with a contribution, which could be 500 million pesos, 1,000 million,” says Barreras in the filing.

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