Díaz-Canel announces (more) about difficult days in “electricity generation” and a Cuban woman asks leaders to sell the country

Miguel Diaz-Canel said there are tough days in power generation, which translates into more blackouts for Cubans.During the conclusions of the comprehensive visit of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) to Ciego de vila last May, the State Agency reported Prensa Latina based on the posts on the Twitter account of the Cuban presidency.

The leader stressed that there are conditions to overcome any obstacle or adversity. “It takes effort, attitude, hard work,” he said, but when he announced more problems with electricity generation, he again resorted to the usual pretext: the US embargo.

“The hard days remain in generating electricity and it is necessary to provide the population with as much information as possible since then The energy situation in Cuba is tenseDriven by the generation capacity deficit and fuel oil. They are also the result of the blockade, and there are those who do not believe it, but the effect is real. ”

But Cubans don’t see information as solving their problemAs stated in the comments on the publications of the Electricity Union, which constantly announce malfunctions in thermal power plants and complications in the electricity generation panorama.

Those who comment on the company’s wall are tired of the explanations and tell them to stop posting and solve the problems.

The continuous interruption contrasts with the high price of electricity after the implementation of the planning taskAdded to the difficulties Cubans have in obtaining basic necessities, especially foodstuffs, which they have to buy in freely convertible currency (MLC), which the government does not pay and for which they have to buy for more than 100 pesos in Cuban currency. local black market.

This situation caused the recent outbreak in social networks for Cuban asked the leaders to sell the country.

The young Amelia Calzadela, in a video posted on Facebook, criticized the Minister of Energy and Mines, Nicholas Levan Arront Cruz, for the large sums she has to pay monthly for electricity service “, because ten years ago, the buildings made in Calzada de Buenos Aires and Consejo Arango is not the Minister of Energy and Mines and no one cares that they have gas.”
But although she pays a certain amount of money for electricity, Calzadella asserts that “in my house they turn off the light every Wednesday,” which prevents her from sending her three children to school, because she can’t cook.

The young woman expects that she will get nervous because her children “have no food, no shoes, no clothes” and They need their relatives abroad to live in dignity in Cuba. For this reason, the leaders are demanding the sale of the country.

“Damn it, sell the country,” he explodes. “Sell it, sell it by county. Maybe Canada is interested in it, sell it to them.”

Power cuts, food shortages, and shops in the MLC area that most Cubans can’t reachBecause they had no family abroad or money to buy foreign currency on the black market, they were Among the reasons for the outbreak of the 11J anti-government protests, whose first year is about to end.

Díaz-Canel is aware of Cuban discontent and fears for the government’s credibilityIn light of the persistence of problems, despite the fact that after the suppression of the demonstrations of July 2021, the regime granted some crumbs.

One unresolved problem is the housing problem, which has affected many Cubans for decades, and for which the government has given priority to mothers with three or more children.

Diaz-Canel also referred to this situation in his speech after the visit to Ciego de Avilawhere More than 1,700 families who lost their homes due to landslides in recent years are still unresolved.

“It’s not just about looking for a home, while we’re helping to solve the family’s problem, we have to see how he comes out of his weakness,” Diaz-Canel said, according to an account. Twitter Cuban presidency.

“This is everyone’s job because if we don’t follow it properly and define the roles of each institution, it won’t solve the problems,” he said.

“We cannot lose credibility, there should be encouragement and every family and escort visit,” the president said.

The call contradicts The expulsion of many Cuban mothers who, due to lack of housing, invade abandoned government buildings with their children.

last April, The Cuban authorities realized that in 2021 less than 50% of the projected housing construction plan was implemented in the country. However, hotel construction has not stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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