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Depending on the budget, Ecuador will go to the World Cup finals in Qatar where it will share the group with the host country, the Netherlands and Senegal. The lottery did not fail to place the Ecuadoreans in the World Cup event, despite many speculations about the future of the team due to the case of Byron Castillo, the player born in Tomaco, Colombia, according to information from the lawyer, Eduardo Carlizo, who checked the footballer’s birth certificate.

Byron David Castillo Segura’s mentioned topic has given something to talk about all over the football world. The investigation and various rulings pointed to Chile and Colombia as the biggest beneficiaries, with the National Professional Football Association, headed by Pablo Milad, appointing Eduardo Berizzo urgently, just as the Colombian Football Federation appointed Nestor Lorenzo in the event of changes. Within the World Cup supplement because of the alleged Ecuadorean exclusion.

Although there is a lot of ambiguity around the Ecuadorean Football Federation, Francisco Egas emphasized that they have always been on the right side of the Byron Castillo case, stating that there is no reason to doubt Ecuador’s participation in the World Cup. Meanwhile, Chile and Colombia welcomed the ruling in favor of the two Chileans they decided from the World Cup finals.

However, with only a few days left to play the playoffs, it was also unfair for Peru, who had nothing to do with this and became more and more excited about their showdown with Australia. With more truth, it was confirmed what seemed like there was no turning back. Ecuador will play the World Cup after accusations were dismissed when Eduardo Carlizzo conducted a thorough investigation to confirm Byron Castillo’s birth certificate.

Pablo Milad was the first to speak of the return they experienced on the morning of Friday 10 June, “Every Chilean was aware of the verdict which was not favourable, notwithstanding the strong and credible evidence we have provided through our lawyer Eduardo Carlizo. The cases that come are awaiting justification, which will direct the appeal that we will submit to the Appeals Committee, and at a later time they will have to rule accordingly.”

In turn, he added what step should be taken next, if they maintain the rule or open a new window for Chile. If there is no positive solution, we will go to TAS. It is a natural process that takes place when no direct judgment against our union is accepted with eloquent and well-founded evidence. We will follow the normal procedures of FIFA, await proof and appeal. Later we will do all the operations for TAS. We will continue with the same conviction and strength to the end.”

He also commented on the intent behind it all, and that it was a perfectly normal thing with obvious possibilities, “All the CONMEBOL chiefs agreed that if I had proof, I should report it. Everyone could have done it with the amount of documents in our possession. It is a natural reaction that is He defends his country. You may be confused by Eduardo’s statements, but this does not mean that it will reach other cases.’

Besides, make it clear that it doesn’t stop at this time and that they won’t rest until they reach the end, it’s a regular channel that is always followed. We talk symbolically about the game and fight for rivalries. This is what the union must do through mandate, commitment, transparency and conviction. We’ll get to the end because we have to, not exhausting the possibilities because of an error. It is our duty to reach the end and we will do so.

Later, it was Eduardo Carlizzo who took the lead in the press conference, ‘We must ask the reasons for the decision. I imagine until the end of next week we’ll have it and we’ll know exactly what’s decided. There we will submit an appeal to the FIFA Appeals Chamber, where we imagine a decision after 20 days.

He commented that it is a process that will culminate in September to announce the start of the World Cup, which is unimaginable due to the approach of the World Cup, “I think we can exhaust everything until the end of September or sooner. On several other occasions, it failed very quickly, when it was urgently needed. I don’t remember a subject in football that I needed as much as this one. They will fail as quickly as possible.

Talk about the only options FIFA has, ‘accept or decline’. Its shape is natural. The important thing now is to find out why they came up with this. I can’t do a futurology exercise to understand the reasons. When it’s on hand, we’ll give it to everyone.

They will not stop looking for a way to solve the case, “The game is open. This does not make us anxious for a minute, we will continue to investigate and collect more evidence. We are sure of what we are doing. We have no doubt that Castillo was born in Tumaco and that everything that happened is very serious “.

He said there was no strong explanation for FIFA’s decision and decision, as it was confirmed that Byron Castillo was a Colombian. In addition, he reiterated that they will wait for the basics. He asked himself several things, “We managed to get a lot of documents and his family in Tumaco, the Ecuadorean federation itself declares he is Colombian. How do you forget an internal investigation? How can they be excluded? I think with more time frame, TAS gives this ability, because it can be There is an audience, we think the game is going to be very open there.

Finally, he spoke of various other scenarios in which FIFA has gone in to report similar cases, “We have seen cases in which FIFA has ignored national decisions. They, and I have seen it, always enforce their rules and regulations. That is the idea. Hopefully FIFA will enforce because the discipline law punishes document fraud. .

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