Child pornography. How Nelson “In” twice escaped the Netherlands and came to Mexico to expand the network

On June 5, authorities in Mexico City managed to arrest the red-handed crime Nelson “N”of Dutch nationality, for the possibility of committing a crime Trafficking in Human Beingsafter an inspection of a building in the office of Gustavo A. Madero Mayor, where it was also found that the detainee had kept items from Child pornography.

Ricardo Mejia Berdega, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, detailed the Dutchman’s case in a report “No Impunity” and stated that the roped offender had escaped from Holland On two occasions.

The report “No Impunity” states that Nelson “in” was arrested in the Netherlands in February 2020, and in June of that year the authorities allowed him to continue his trial freely, provided he remained in the country, but at the end of the same year he escaped and was arrested again In May 2021.

It was pointed out that Nelson ‘N’ was summoned to appear on 2 February 2022 before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands to continue this association; However, he fled to Mexico.

“Nelson N was at CDMX, with the aim of expanding his network of human trafficking and child pornography, which led to the discovery of his international modus operandi, as well as his identification, location and arrest,” Mejia Berdiga said.

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The likely leader of the International Pedophiles Association, which was established in 1982, was also seized during the arrest of approximately 20 doses of cocaine in plastic bags, a bag of cocaine with a stone and a firearm.

Currently the defendant is in the process of ligation.


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