Armed gang kidnaps 36 people in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

at least 36 people were kidnapped in the Haitian city of Port-au-Prince While they were on two minibuses after being kidnapped by A armed gang.

The two minibuses, carrying 18 passengers each, cut the way from Port-au-Prince to the city of Miraguan, 100 kilometers east of the Haitian capital, according to a witness who gave testimony. Vant Beef Information.

The hostages belonged to the ‘Village de Dieu’ gang and had carried out the kidnapping in response to the alleged immediate execution of a member of his gang, Zo Pwon, by the commissioner of the Miragoane government, Jean-Ernest Muscadin, according to one of the kidnappers. The newspaper can access it.

The kidnapping took place a week later Maskdin admitted in an interview with Haitian Radio Flamax that he was the author of the murder of alleged gang member Zoe Bon.

“What happened was not wrong. They sent me a signal, I replied. They should know they are not the only ones who can kill,” Maskdin explained, adding that the district of Niepce (where the city of Miraguan is located) would be a cemetery for bandits.

After the statements made by the Commissioner of the Miraguán Government, many human rights organizations in Haiti called for the disqualification of Maskdin. In addition, they announced their intention to bring the commissioner to justice by calling the events an “urgent execution”, according to “Le Nouvelliste”.

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