“Amelia Calzadela is not the enemy, I save her alive”

Cuban comedian Ulysses Tuirack warned that Cuban mother Amelia CalzadelaThe one who exploded on social media against the island government “is not the enemy.”

Live Calzadella, in which he sang the Forty to Miguel Diaz-Canel, his wife Liz Cuesta and the Cuban ministers of the crisis in which the country has plunged, spread within a few hours and aroused great enthusiasm. Given the scope of her grievances and the well-known reprisals being taken by the island government, Tuirak made it clear that she was not the one to criticize or persecute.

“To Whom It May Concern: Amelia Calzadela is not the enemy. I’m saving her alive,” he wrote in a Facebook post, using a reference to the movie “Clandestinos.”


“He is certainly not an enemy, like many Cubans who can only bear to tell their faces who they ought to be public servants and hide behind that lost mask they call ‘in defense of the revolution’ to be the bourgeois oligarchs really are,” replied one netizen.

“They can’t touch her,” said one Cuban mother who showed her support, “she is very consistent in her words and has not committed any sabotage, not to mention that she lied in her speech, which thousands of Cuban mothers recognize.” in the publication.

Complaints have been lodged with Calzadilla, a resident of El Cerro and mother of three Featured by many famous Cubansincluding influencer Yessy World and actor Boncó Quiñongo.

Singers Alexandre Delgado of Gente de Zona and Leonie Torres also showed their support.

Leone said, “What a great pain it is to see how the parents of my beloved Cuba continue to go through this. This girl who got here is because she can’t take it anymore!” Blame her too To receive money to speak.

Yotwill Romero also broadcast the video and confirmed, “This is the true truth of Cubana. My people are crying and I can feel their voice.”

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