Alberto Fernandez asked Biden to “help repair the damage Trump has done” in Cuba and Venezuela

(CNN Spanish) – During his visit to the Ninth Summit of the Americas, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said he asked Joe Biden to “help repair the damage Trump has done” in Cuba and Venezuela, in an interview with Nacho Giron for Redacción Buenos Aires, CNN in Spanish.

Regarding the non-invitation of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to the meeting organized by the United States, Fernandez insisted that it was “not a social meeting conferring a certain right of admission” to the host and thus expressed his disagreement.

The president stressed that Cuba and Venezuela are two countries that “suffer greatly.”

“In Cuba there are generous people who have survived a 60-year blockade. Because it is a Caribbean island that was abandoned by a large part of the world due to the embargo during the Cold War, in fact, I must say it is impressive that this people survived.”

The blockade of Venezuela condemned many Venezuelans to exile and divided Venezuelan society.

“That has to be fixed. I’ve made it clear that all of this happened in the Donald Trump years, and that what I’m asking anyway from President Biden’s government is to help repair all this damage.”

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When asked about Nicolás Maduro, Fernandez said: “Nicolas Maduro was elected by the Venezuelans. In any case, what we must ask him is to continue the process that has begun, a process of dialogue with the opposition, characterized by transparent elections and attention to human rights.”

Fernandez said Biden is “extremely happy” to invite to the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations

Fernandez said he invited the president of the United States to participate in the upcoming CELAC meeting, and confirmed to CNN that Biden welcomed the invitation. “(Biden) said he was very happy with the invitation and we’ll wait now until we can organize it,” he confirmed.

CELAC is a regional forum of 33 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean that was launched in 2011. The CELAC event is scheduled to take place during the first week of December in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“I believe we can take the transcendent step once and for all with respect for each other’s diversity, because we don’t all think about Latin America, nor do we all think the same, but nonetheless we can come together and unite to solve problems.”

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“Latin America realized that the division among Latin Americans allowed for terrible things, for example, the search for vaccines when the Corona virus was getting worse. It is time for us to unite and it is time for us to respect each other, because every people chooses the president who wants,” Fernandez said.

On June 7, President Nicolas Maduro directly asked President Fernandez, the leader of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations, to form a “real summit”.

“With Cristina Fernandez, we do not have a painful relationship”

Fernandez explained what his relationship with Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner was like. Last Friday, the government’s formula was again shown in public after several months and amid several crosses between officials.

“We have some differences that we’ve always had, and nothing more. What happens is that this has become a topic of constant journalistic debate, for me it is of more importance in a journalist than in politics.”

In this sense, he affirmed: “I did not say that we do not have a relationship. I said that we do not have the shocking relationship that the media is interested in provoking this relationship.”

Fernandez indicated that he is consulting with the Vice President. “And I certainly consider her. She is someone with eight years of experience in exercising the authority of the Argentine presidency,” he said.

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