What are the best banks for a mortgage loan

If you are thinking buy a housebut you do not contribute to the National Institute of Workers Housing (Infovite)Another option is to get it through a mortgage credit With some bank.

But before making a decision, it is better to analyze all the options that banking institutions give you, for example, what interest they will charge you for, how long you will have to repay credit, etc.

Condusef: Which banks are better for a mortgage loan? Photo: Pixabay

Condusef simulation

To help you, you can use the simulation that the National Commission for the Protection and Protection of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) provides to all people. We tell you what some results were obtained with this method.

According to Condusef, Scotiabank, Banregio and Citibanamex are the banks with which people may pay less at the end of their mortgage loan. Some of the data you can learn through this simulation are: the lump sum amount, the initial disbursement, the monthly payment, and the interest rate.

According to official data, by the end of 2021, the average home price nationwide amounted to 1 million 372 thousand pesos. Taking this amount as a reference, a down payment of 274.400 pesos (20%) and a term of 15 years would be required.

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Taking into account the lenders with the highest and lowest option, the difference was 450 thousand 888.04 pesos, which finally represents 39 of the lowest monthly payments (11 thousand 703 pesos).

The banks where customers will have to spend smaller amounts are Scotiabank, with 361,220 pesos, Panregio, with 363,761 pesos, and finally Citibanamex, with 364,964 pesos.

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Finally, the banks with the lowest monthly payments are HSBC, with 11 thousand 703 pesos, Inbursa, with 12 thousand 170 pesos, and Santander, with 12 thousand 518 pesos. In terms of interest rates, the lowest were in Inbursa, 9.50%, HSBC, 9.90%, Scotiabank, at 10%.

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