Top 10 best medical schools in the world in 2022

  • Harvard University remains among the best schools in the world.
  • It is distinguished by its academic reputation, published research, the level of its professors, and the quality of its facilities.
  • The QS World University Rankings is an annual ranking in which more than a thousand higher education institutions from around the world are analyzed.

Training is necessary and mandatory for all health professionals. It is an irreplaceable aspect due to the nature of the race. But as with other options, some schools stand out from the rest because of their quality. While there are universities that do not only stand out in their own country, but worldwide, and today they are considered The best medical schools in the world.

To be able to get into the professional field, you first need Study in one of the available universities to learn the basics of the profession. Theory is fundamental and must be supplemented with practice during training and social work. The sum of all of the above provides an overview of what you need to know for patient care.

Medicine has evolved over the years

In this context, the foundations of this profession were several thousand years old. The first studies of health and the human body began in ancient Mesopotamia.

Although what is now known as contemporary medicine did not begin until the nineteenth century and transcendental advances were made in the field of surgery. It was when he adopted a scientific view and, therefore, is more independent of the “ability” or experience of those who practice it.

The ideal medical figure of this period was Rudolf Virchow. He developed the disciplines of hygiene and social medicine, at the origins of current preventive medicine. He was also the one who postulated the “Omnia cellula a cellula” theory (every cell comes from another cell) and explained living things as structures made up of cells.

Also in this period when educational centers were professionalized. It was no longer just classrooms where books were read and inert bodies analysed, but a worldview was gained.

Now it is time to analyze the present, although choosing the best medical schools is a very complex task. Fortunately, there are professional studies that are responsible for comparing all schools to determine which ones stand out from the rest.

It is about extension QS World University Rankings. It is an annual ranking in which more than a thousand higher education institutions from all over the world are analyzed. The most important thing is that it allows you to make filters to see the highlights of a particular profession.

What do universities consider?

In order to develop the ranking, six evaluation criteria were considered among all schools and each had a specific weight. The evaluation methods are as follows:

  • Academic reputation (40 percent).
  • Reputation of employers (10%).
  • The teacher-student ratio (20 percent).
  • Appointments by faculty members (20 percent).
  • Percentage of international professors (five percent).
  • Percentage of international students (five percent).

The 2022 edition featuring the best medical schools in the world has just been published, although the final results are no different from those of previous years. In this case, Harvard University remains in first place by achieving a final score of 99 points.

For its part, in second place is the University of Oxford. It is one of the most traditional schools not only in the UK but in the entire world. It is known because many of its graduates from various fields have achieved international fame. Among the list are Adam Smith, Thomas Hobbes, Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger.

However, as in all previous editions, the US and UK dominate the . category The best medical schools in the world. In fact, the only place that appeared among the first places that is not from both regions is Karolinska Institutet. At the moment, the editorial team useful A chart with today’s 10 most unique numbers.

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