The Russian investor behind Elon Musk’s financing to buy Twitter

FILE PHOTO: Elon Musk arrives at the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York, US, May 2, 2022. The Tesla owner has several investors interested in his purchase Twitter (Reuters)

Show Elon Musk by Twitter Inc.Shaken by the billionaire’s threat to retire, it attracted a group of big sponsors and push-ups Silicon Valley. There were some notable exceptions.

The listing highlights an investment company based in Dubaiwhose Assets have grown to over $5 billion under his leadership Founder Mahfouz Alexandre TamasAccording to regulatory documents and people familiar with the matter. in capital -which main website consists of one page, without address or contact details- She pledged $700 million to fund Musk’s show Through the social network, making it The third largest investor with foreign capital In the process that attracted money from the billionaire Larry Ellison Based on Sequoia Capitalas shown in the stock files.

capacity vy To help fund one of the largest leveraged takeovers in history – if it persists despite the fake account dispute – it is Brilliant for a company that has few public records showing its sources of funding or the nature of its investments. vyWhich exceeded its capital commitments to the deal of $44 billion Brookfield Asset Management s Qatarsupport companies like boring company From musk Cryptocurrency exchange Erisaccording to data from stadium book.

Tamas has a history of contacts with major investors. before construction vyWorked closely with the Russian-Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner It now appears that he is working on developing relationships with musk. He also invested money in SpaceXRocket Corporation to Chief Tesla Corporation And in the maker of the brain machine Neuralink Company According to LinkedIna summer analyst at vy Currently Benjamin BirshallHe is the son of the principal advisor to muskAnd the Jared Birchall.

representative of tamas He declined to comment. During a recent visit to the company’s office in DubaiThere was only one assistant. The rest of the staff – about 10 in the emirate among them . said the rest of the staff tamas– Works remotely. Worldwide, about 25 people work for the company, according to LinkedIn.

2020 document from the company Global Growth Vy say what vy It has more than $2 billion in assets under management. Those assets have since doubled and consist of a limited number of funds of about 1 billion dollars in funds for publicationAccording to people familiar with the company’s operations. The people, who asked not to be identified, said the details especially that the sponsors include large US institutions.

Alexandre Tamas, founder of Vy Capital (Getty)
Alexandre Tamas, founder of Vy Capital (Getty)

Since March 2009 there is a Tamas account on Twitter. She has the same profile picture as yours LinkedIn And a header image showing the shapes from Puzzle Games Storm Soldiers star Wars, but he has no posts. The account liked a tweet dated April 21 from Musk asking the social media platform for authentication.All real people“As part of the dispute over bot.

anyway tamas Be weird, your connections are not.

After working on technology deals for Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in Londonthe German citizen joined the investment company MilnerAnd the UTCas a partner in 2008, where he led lucrative bets on companies such as Airbnb Inc. s Facebook before it becomes Meta Platforms Inc. In addition to an early investment in Twitter.

Before that Goldmanwas a founding member of Arma Partnerswhich advises on corporate finance for companies and investors in the technology sector.

“Human supercomputer”

tamas and former classmate of GoldmanAnd the Mateusz Szyszkowskithey created vy In 2013, with a visionInvest in some of the best companies in the world and own them for decadesAccording to a standard document.

Now turn on the background with John Heringcompany founder software on the cloud Lookout Inc.who does not remember vy in your profile LinkedIn. tamas s Hering It has the largest single holdings in Global Growth VyAccording to the stock document. Another investor is Javier Olivanwho will become the operations manager for Goal This fall.

The company’s general assets included stakes in the Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify the audience tracker ComScore Corporationin the online lender LendingClub Corp.. And in the game maker Activision Blizzard Inc., according to regulatory filings. The holdings reportedly closed in 2018. The company has also backed private tech companies like s reddit company.

His experience and acumen in investing made him a venture capitalist Ben Horowitz s Mark Andreessen They will find itMilner’s human supercomputerRuler DubaiSheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al-Maktoomeye tamas Member of an advisory board focusing on the digital economy.

Defender of freedom of expression

tamas Currently residing in Europeand when it is in Dubaipartly straight vy From a luxurious mansion in the neighborhood prairiePeople said, it’s a secluded suburb with luxury homes. The company also has an office in the bay San Francisco.

Alexandre Tamas and his wife Bohdana at a private party (Facebook Bohdana Tamas)
Alexandre Tamas and his wife Bohdana at a private party (Facebook Bohdana Tamas)

Apart from its investment activities, tamas Founding a Data Science Company tangled And support research on artificial intelligence at the Institute the future of humanity subordinate Oxford university. It also seems to share an interest musk to promote freedom of expression.

What I think is wrong is the idea that our social media platforms should govern what we can and cannot see.“, He said tamas In a 2019 interview with Bergrowen Instituteadding that allowing private companies to determine what is acceptable freedom of expression “It would actually be dangerous“.

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