The Ministry of Environment holds the presidency

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, met this Thursday noon with the Deputy Ministers of the Environment to coordinate the continuation of the work carried out by this institution, after the death of its head. Orlando Jorge Mira.

This meeting was held because the decisions to be made in The Ministry of Environment And the President of the Republic, Louis Abenader, will execute them until the President of the Republic appoints a new minister in the government entity.

“The decisions that must be approved by the head of this ministry will be sent to the presidency to follow the relevant path, from today until President Abenader returns to the country,” Peña said.

Peña participated in this meeting on behalf of the President of the Republic, and was accompanied by Anatoliano Peralta, Legal Adviser to the Executive.

The Vice President to the Deputy Ministers explained that Important decisions which shall be taken in the exercise of their functions, will be deferred until a new Minister is appointed.

The march expressed its regret over the passing of “friend and colleague” official Orlando Jorge Mira in the same way. He expressed his condolences to the deputy ministers in the loss of their heads.

“Even in times of regret over the pain sweeping the country, we must focus on maintaining growth prospects, good environmental management, and respecting the legal framework,” the vice president stressed.

At the meeting reviewed The main issues for each deputy minister The list of cases and the current status of the projects with pending permits in the institution was announced.

“We want them to ensure the security of the country and that we will continue to act resolutely in defending the environment and providing services to citizens,” the vice president warned.

Deputy Ministers environment, Juan Eduardo Julia Mira, Federico Alberto Franco Taveras, Juan Fulvio Orenia Acosta, Milagros Marina de Camps Germain, Jose Ramon Reyes, Lopez, Fernanda Mercedes de Leon Capa, Edilio Segundo Florian Santana and Jorge Ruiz.

Inspiration and legacy

Vice President Peña stated that the country has not yet emerged from the shock and grief caused by the death of Jorge Mira, an act she described as a tragic and violent event.

“Inspiration and example for Promoting the legacy that came to build As a precious asset to the democratic life of a nation, as a unifying and tireless worker, and as a politician who has enjoyed a great career since his early youth. and recently from his position as Minister of Environment and Natural Resources,” he reminded them.

But he added that the deputy ministers must recover and assume their duties and duty to move forward with the task of building a better nation than public jobs.

“Remember that now we are all part of The Legacy of Minister Orlando Jorge Mir We must follow his example in reaping the fruits of the seeds that he sowed in each one of us.

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