SEMG advocates basic ‘reconditioning’, without losing the essence of family medicine

The Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG) celebrates from 7 to 11 June the 28th edition of the National Congress of General and Family Medicine, an event which it aspires to become, at a time when family medicine does not pass the time, as a speaker for the claims of doctors The family is a stage for exchanging experiences, research, knowledge and values, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

Due to the success of the previous version, the conference #SEMG22 once again introduces the benefits of the hybrid format, which collects part only online on June 7th and 8th, with the confrontation stage in Bilbao on 9, 10 and 11 June. In this way its scientific content will reach a greater number of doctors, both doctors who will meet these days at the Oscaldona Palace in Bilbao, as well as those who were not able to travel, especially doctors from Latin American countries.

Responsible for providing all the details and figures for today’s meeting from 7-11 June, are the President of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG), Antonio Fernández Pro; Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Jacinto Battis; Scientific Committee Chair Anna Moore. and SEMG Vice President Pilar Rodriguez Lido.

Figures from the 28th National Congress of General and Family Medicine show its importance. To date, 4,874 professionals belonging to the field of primary care have been registered in it, including 1,478 doctors who will meet in person between Thursday and Saturday at the Bilbao Convention Center and 3,396 doctors. They will follow all the content online thanks to registering as a virtual attendee at the conference, both from within and outside Spain.

As stated during the presentation of the conference, this will have a significant economic impact on Bilbao, as it is estimated that each face-to-face participant will spend an average of 1,500 euros in the city.

During the six days of the SEMG National Conference, a total of 84 sessions will be presented by 134 different experts. The number of theses accepted by the Scientific Committee reached 891, of which 8 will be awarded.

The organizers referred to the motto of the 28th SEMG Conference, “Re-adapt without losing the values ​​of family medicine” and made it clear that even in difficult times, GPs and family physicians will continue to readjust their practice of care for each moment, without losing their values, staying with those in need. to us.

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SEMG has endeavored to hold an engaging and interactive conference with members of Congress, who will be the protagonists of their training activities, from keynote talks to multiple workshops in which attendees will be the chief architects in their training, from the hands of reference specialists and experts in various fields who will guide them in a tremendous way to achieve the set goals .

The inaugural SEMG National Conference will be held by the international health policy advisor, Rafael Bengua, and will take place this Thursday from 1:30pm under the title ‘SNS’. 500,000 competent professionals in an incompetent organization.

As the latest developments in the SEMG National Conference, the approach of new technologies in daily practice, the update of basic skills in primary care and the various workshops in its various aspects (diagnostics, techniques, procedures, skills) that will be presented by attendees feature useful resources in our clinical practice. The Ibero-American classes feature the participation of Spanish-speaking physicians from other countries who will contribute their enriching insight.

The program is designed to cover issues of great interest to family physicians, and bet on updated content. It features pre-meeting courses dealing with interesting topics such as the approach to pain in primary care or the update course in bioethics. As well as innovations in adult vaccination or management in our consultations for chronically ill patients.

Organizers remember that the pandemic has changed the way to act, both on a daily basis and in consultations, as it is still very present today, setting the stage for the healthcare business. For this reason, COVID-19 will be one of the many topics that will be discussed at the conference, although not forgetting the other basic pillars of our daily clinical practice, as well as the rest of the recurrent diseases and illnesses at the first level of care, where attendees will also be trained and the latest developments in the fields shared. various medical.

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