Poor health care affects the health of the elderly

Felipe Madruga and Antonio Blanco.

The pandemic greatly influenced geriatric patient, Either in quantity or in The quality of life of our elders. In fact, more than 90% of the dead In our country because of the corona virus they have Over 60 years old. Older patients (over 80 years of age) were the group with the highest mortality, said Felipe Madruga, a geriatrician in the admissions unit of Hospital del Valle de Toledo, during the 28th National Congress of General and Family Medicine.

The annual meeting of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG) analyzed Reasons Why experienced this age group lowered their quality of life with greater density. The worsening of their chronic diseasess, emergence of new diseases, and Poor health and social care During the pandemic, in the group that required the most care, as well as the functional and social impact due to social and familial rigidity and isolation, increased cognitive-behavioral diseases (eg cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression, etc.) and contributed to functional impairment and quality of life, as revealed during the conference.

“In this stress test, to which the health system and society in general have been exposed, We have clearly failed and that the most vulnerable group, Older patients were the most affected. This should lead us all (citizens, health officials, politicians and professionals) to calm and careful thinking, both personally and collectively, each one in our field, so that this situation does not repeat itself and learn from the mistakes made. According to Madruga.

In older patients, Telephone counseling cannot and should not replacebut to complement the face-to-face consultations, except to accelerate the ever-increasing bureaucracy that slows down and increases inefficiency in the care of the elderly patient,” according to the geriatrician, who considers that “it is so” necessary to restore a comprehensive patient-dependent drug.

An overview of the elderly patient

Currently, medicine tends towards impersonation, technology and Super specialization. This one, who really advanced medicine in its scientific aspect, is “Obviously detrimental to the care of elderly patients If it is not complemented by a comprehensive vision based on science, experience, common sense and maintaining a High degree of personalization and humanity, Characteristics that you should never lose sight of,” says the expert.

Regarding the therapeutic aspects, today there are some More advanced drug therapies Which better allows us to develop many diseases with a high incidence in our elderly. “But if you don’t, We have a comprehensive vision As we treat problems together, the potential therapeutic benefits diminish,” according to Madruga. For example, highly prevalent diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arrhythmias, heart failure, dyslipidemia, cerebrovascular disease, and cognitive impairment, etc. It should be taken up globally.

Role Primary health care It is fundamental and should be the centerpiece of the system. “It will be like Orchestra Director Always in coordination with the different specialties for the benefit of the patient,” according to the geriatrician. So far, “it is clear that coordination can be improved and that specialties such as geriatrics are necessary at the hospital level and in coordination and joint work with primary care.”

The percentage of elderly Spaniards has not stopped growing in the past 25 years. In June 2021, Spain had a population of 47326,687, of whom 9.3 million were elderly, accounting for 19.95% of the total.

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