Political turmoil caused by meetings – presidency – elections 2022

A wave of internal and external reactions caused the videos shared by members historical charter They refer to his political campaign personalities and strategies.

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statements Roy BarrerasGustavo Bolivar, a member of the coalition, upset the current elected senator, who expressed his disgrace for what had happened, indicating whether the change was being done in a decent way or not.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of. Do not fall into the trap. The campaign is a victim of hacking and illegal infiltration. It is Watergate. They’re spying, they’re serious about private conversations, that’s a crime. we are talking. Barrys replied.

To this, Bolivar emphasized: “I am angry that you say that there are people from the historical pact who offer to extradite criminals at a price. the pill. This is wrong and distorts a clean campaign where we left the soul in every corner of Colombia, I invite you to say who it is, the country should know.” On the other hand, in one of the leaked recordings, Ruy Barreras stated that Supergiros financially helped Gustavo Petro’s campaign on the presidential tour. First.

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Super spins He strongly rejects that reference made by Rui Barreras. “The company does not and will not financially support any political campaign,” the company said in a statement.

It should be noted that presidential campaigns cannot get money from corporations. In addition, said funds do not appear registered, not even by shareholders, in the accounts shown before National Electoral Council.

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Concerning Senator Barreras’s statements Jorge Enrique Robledo He emphasized: “According to Roy Barreras, the leaders of the historical pact, they went to prisons to look for agreements with people who could be extradited so that they would not be extradited.”

Also, a former presidential candidate Federico GutierrezA request was issued from the Investigation Chamber of the High Court of Justice to expand the complaint against the historic charter. “All the videos we’ve seen show what we condemned at the time,” he said.

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