“Polish crab”: how is the expensive and ruthless AHS Krab tank, which is about to reach Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, announced in Warsaw that Signing of the “largest contract of the past 30 years” for the export of weapons of war with Ukraine worth 3 billion PLN (655 million euros). The shipment includes all kinds of new Polish prototypes that the Ukrainian armed forces will receive to fight the invading forces of Russia. Among them is AHS Krab, also known as “Polish Crab”. It is a tank that is also fitted with a machine gun. It is one of the most expensive parts to be manufactured.sent Europe Presswithout giving details of the amount.

As the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained itself in its official profile Twitter155mm Krab howitzer gun used to “disable and destroy”. And they celebrated after announcing that they would send Ukraine to At least 50 tanks.

Regarding the specifications of the armored vehicle, they explained: “It combines a UPG chassis ObrumAnd the Single turret AS-90M brave heart 52 caliber gun Topaz artillery fire fighting system WB . Electronics. It is also equipped with the S-12U engine and other elements of PT-91 Twardy“.

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