Patricia Victoria’s Path to Gospels

The Jorge Mira Villegas, Until now, they were known for their political activity: Salvador Jorge Blanco was President of the Republic (1982-1986); The son of the murdered minister Orlando Jorge Mira He held the position of Director of Indotel (2000-2004); his wife Patricia Selma Villegas de Jorge She is the ambassador to Brazil. your son, Orlando Jorge Villegas He is a deputy for the national district, while Delia Leticia Jorge Mira She is the Administrative Deputy of the Minister of the Presidency of the Republic.

But amid the pain experienced by the family and the country as a result of the killing of one of his daughters, the head of the environment, Patricia Victoria Jorge VillegasShe expressed a message of hope: “Everything is a tragedy, but one has to see it with the eyes of faith.”

The girl’s clothes aroused her curiosity on social media. This is the suit he’s wearing Gospel preachersa congregation of the Catholic Church practicing celibacy and dedicated to the mission.

The well-known Knights of the Virgin originated in the 1950s, but their organization was approved by Pope John Paul II on February 22, 2001, and their laws and customs were confirmed by Benedict XVI (the liturgical book in which the divine function is indicated).

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your way to Gospel preachers

In a video circulated on social media, Patricia Victoria says her calling started when she was nine years oldwhen he traveled to Brazil, the country in which he met Gospel advocates.

In 2004, while attending a congress, she was touched by Monsignor Juan, with whom she had contact through a glass of water. The religious praised her and there she began to take steps with this devotee. He has since left his life in the Dominican Republic and started a new life in Brazil.

“When God calls a soul for a religious occasion, nothing and no one can stop it.”Patricia VictoriaDaughter of Orlando Jorge Mira

This Wednesday during His father’s funeral notesthe young woman expressed: “In the eyes of faith, we too, the whole family, can only say one thing, that my father had the best spiritual and Catholic disposition and his career and that is why we have faith and hope that God is in his hands, thank you very much for this celebration.”

Jorge Mira was buried this afternoon in the cemetery The Gates of Heaven. His executioner, Miguel Cruz, will appear before justice in the next few hours.

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