Miguel Cruz’s lawyer says his client is not a murderer: ‘It was a murder and that’s what we’re going to discuss’

Manuel Sierra, one of Fausto’s lawyers Miguel Cruz de la Mota, Accused of shooting the minister Environmentalist, Orlando Jorge Mera, stated that his client could not be classified or judged as a murderer, claiming that what had happened was a murder.

Calling him a killer would not be the correct term, This was a murder, and that’s what we’re going to discuss‘,” the lawyer noted.

During a telephone interview given to the radio space “El Sol de la Mañana” broadcast daily on Zol 106.5 FM, Al-Faqih took the opportunity to point out some disagreements about the way it was set up. Cruz indictment.

“Here they only focus on what happens after the event, when the most important thing is to identify and Clarify the reasons that led to the eventplot.

In the same, Cruz’s legal representative said that according to a document submitted by the local prosecutor’s office, after the crime was committed, his client called his daughter to help her evade justice, Guess you made it not true.

“This is an error that does not correspond to the truth, He had no intention of escaping, He went to church in search of a To give up saves his life, expression.

At the time it was revealed on the show that it was specifically Miguel Cruz’s daughter The person who called Representative Orlando Jorge Velgas, son of the late official, And tell him of the tragedy.

Likewise, he criticized that the report did not include the statements of his client, who, according to what he confirmed, He has not yet been able to see him after his arrest.

coercion measure

Next Saturday, the permanent hearing of the National District Court He will know the amount of coercion Miguel Cruz, whom the authorities point to responsibility for the death of Minister Jorge Mera. Prosecution Demands a one-year pretrial detention against the detainee.

“In the course of the operation, we will order a series of actions, but we prefer that everything flows and In order to seek the truth, we will not hide anything here’,” the lawyer said when asked what strategy the bar association would use in the context of the case.

However, the lawyer mentioned it We hope that political pressures do not affect Nor social justice in the process.

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