Miguel Cruz Footsteps The Day Orlando Jorge Mira Was Killed

This Monday June 6 Fausto Miguel Jesus Cruz de la Mota, aka Carandi, He was assassinated by multiple bullets in his office, the Minister of the Environment. Orlando Jorge Miraat work that Public Prosecution id k Scheme.

The event took place at noon and shocked the whole country, not only because of the crime and the manner of its execution, but also because of the decent and friendly behavior with which the late minister always behaved.

The first known work of the so-called “childhood friend” of the ill-fated official is the one that appeared in a video. In the material, he is seen walking down the corridor of his house pulling a suitcase with wheels with one hand and then getting into a car, in which he supposedly went to the Ministry of the Environment and which, later, he learned that he practically had an arsenal inside. The video is from 9:51 am.

“He was violent and threatening.”

According to the coercive action request file from Public ProsecutionAnd the The accused arrived at the institution around 10:50 a.m. And he went to the front office of the office of the National Director of the Ministry of Environment and his name is Juan Manuel Cuervo Desangeles. There is a hit on the forehead “in a violent way” Mr. Alfonso Mendoza who was at the scene. The file notes that Mendoza reprimands him for the attack, considering “they have no confidence”. Cruz replied that he should do as he pleased and asked if “Minister Orlando Jorge Mira He has arrived,” which Mendoza said no.

After that, the file details, Alfonso Mendoza stopped and entered the office of Juan Manuel Cuervo Desangeles, “the place where the director of the Samana Provincial Office was.

The document states, “Then the Director of the National Environmental Protection Service (CENPA), Emporex Cepeda, appeared in the aforementioned office, and the accused, Fausto Miguel de Jesus Cruz de la Mota, also entered, appearing violent and threatening.”

There he said: “I campaigned and they didn’t solve me” Cuervo told Desangels that he would go up to the minister. In this part, the document states that Cuervo Desangles Note that the accused was very upset.

In this uproar, Cuervo Desangeles informed the Coordinator of the Minister’s Office, Carmen Maribel Peralta Cuevas, that Cruz de la Mota would ascend to the Minister’s office and that “I called security because it was too violent”. Then the “disguised” lady searched for the first sergeant in the national police Nicholas Monterowho also verbally assaulted him and demanded that he leave the place, to which the officer replied that he would not leave because he worked there.

The Minister’s office is located on the fourth floor of the joint building between the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism, located on Gregorio Luperon Street in the National District.

When Cruz de la Mota went to Jorge Mera’s office, he was concluding a meeting with several collaborators, which did not prevent him from entering the place. He did this because the door was open to the minister, like Public Prosecution He got used to it, and referred to this aspect as a weak point “on his own integrity.”

Fausto Miguel de Jesus Cruz de la Mota entered the office, without permission, and tried to close the door, but the minister told him to wait for the meeting to end, so the accused left the office.Public Prosecution

After the last person left the meeting, Jorge Mira stood at his office door and told Nicholas Montero (Security), Erika Altagracia Herrera Reyes (His assistant), and Carmen Maribel Peralta: “Miguel is my friend, Miguel is my brother, he is my brother, for any safety.”

In this context and according to the file, Jorge Mera signaled the security guard to leave and proceeded to close the door with the man who would end his life moments later.

Kill him with six shots

Without any discussion between themand about 12:00 noon, Miguel Cruz Jorge Mera was shot. The deputy asserts that the shots included distance and contact injuries. Gave them a branded pistol Taurus Caliber 380 Serial No. KXL44043 They affected him In the head, face, anterior and posterior chest, and left hand, “causes hemorrhage, bruising, and rupture of the brain mass, According to the Exhumation Act No. 61610 of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INASEF).

He was wearing different clothes

The file adds that Miguel Cruz planned the murder so much that on the day he was executed he dressed differently than he did when he went to the ministry and wore a jacket to conceal the firearm. He says he always wore a T-shirt only on the top of his torso. But on that day he was wearing a dark blue jacket. Minister Jorge Mira’s only words were: “Miguel, no” and heard by his assistant, Erika Altagracia Herrera Reyes.

The Getaway movie

Once the crime was completed, the accused’s next step was to flee. To carry out the action, he used the knowledge he had about the place and escaped some stairs. The office door was locked, while security Nicholas Monteiro tried to open it, which he could not do and proceeded to turn around to enter through the other access door, as stated in the file.

“The position that defendant Fausto Miguel de Jesus Cruz de la Mota took advantage of to leave the Minister’s office on the stairs, knowing that this route was safer for the purposes of escaping from the crime scene.”

After the murder of Jorge Mira, the entire area of ​​the Ministry of the Environment and its environs was militarized. (Free Diary / Kevin Rivas)

To get out of the building, he took advantage of the chaos created when Nicholas Montero, when Jorge Mira’s body was discovered, alerted the other members of the security to arrest the Miguel Cruz.

Regarding this part, the file indicates the following: “The accused went unnoticed in the crowd and managed to escape from inside the ministry.”. This, he said, was because his car was in the basement of the building and the doors were closed to prevent vehicles from leaving, but people were allowed to leave on foot.

In this context, the accused took advantage, got out and took a car, but before leaving he called his daughter on the phone. Migolina Alfonsina Cruz Gomezwho was in the ministry. She was prevented from leaving the building in her car, and the deputy asked her to interrogate her about her presence in the ministry.

already in the engine, Miguel Cruz went to the Parish Church of Jesus Christ, Supreme Eternallocated on San Pío X Street, in the Renacimiento sector, in the National District, and from there he called his daughter Miguelina three times “to pick him up”.

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Father Colonel Reverend Jose Arismendi Lionel Helena of the Parish Church of Jesus Christ Senior and Eternal Priest. (Free Diary / Kevin Rivas)

This action makes the attorney believe that the defendant intended to escape from the authorities and use the church as a shelter until his daughter arrived and took him away.

“Delivered it due to the fact that on the spot killing A large security apparatus was put in place, so the accused felt that moving away from the scene of the accident would be risky and that he could be arrested,” says the file.

What happened in the church

At the temple, the parishioner’s father, priest Colonel José Arismendi Leonel Helena, told him that he had killed someone and handed him the weapon that was wrapped in the blue jacket he was wearing and kept.

Police Colonel Miguel Martinez Mercedes appeared at the church and was greeted by the father and told what the accused had told him.

A team of officers, at the invitation of the religious, proceeded to “disarm and guide the place.” This was done in the presence of the Director of the National Police, Eduardo and then Guzmán, and the Director of Dicrim and Director General of Persecution at the Public Prosecution Office, Yeni Berenice Reynoso, with whom the defendants agreed by phone for his extradition. Provided that life is guaranteed.

Before being taken out of the church to take him to the Attorney General’s office, Lt. Col. Nelson Miguel Martinez Mercedes proceeded to read out his constitutional rights and put him under strict arrest.

When he was taken from the temple, accompanied by police forcefully, one of the people who had gathered at the place shouted at the killer several times and claimed that he had “killed a good man”.

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