Lawyers for Fausto Miguel Cruz say they will not oppose a request for forced action

Lawyers for Fausto Miguel Cruz, the confessed killer of Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mira, have confirmed that they will not oppose the coercive measure requested by the plaintiffs, although they maintain that their client is “not guilty.”

“The defense met and decided that no matter what budget (Fausto Miguel Cruz) had in order not to impose pretrial detention on him, Best of all, wise, we will not oppose the coercion procedure initiated by the Public Prosecution Office,” said Evo Rene Sanchez, a member of the accused’s attorney.

For the case, the authorities ask to impose One year of pretrial detention against the accused, with the National District Permanent Prosecution Court tasked with hearing the motion on Thursday.

Likewise, he asserted that his client is not guilty, and asserted that the history of the current judicial system is replete with procedures in which people described as the “worst killers” leave the courts innocent.

“I am fully convinced that my client is not guilty”Sanchez said.

the death

Orlando Jorge Mira passed away last Monday at the age of 55 shot In his office at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources by Cruz.

According to the information processed by the Public Prosecution Office, the attacker went, without prior registration of weapons, and killed someone he had known for more than two decades.

After committing the crime, Cruz escaped from the aforementioned public institution, escaping to the High Church of Jesus Christ and the Eternal Priest, where he eventually surrendered to the authorities.

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