La Jornada – Mexico, in order to restore relations in America and put an end to the Organization of American States

Yesterday at the Ninth Summit of the Americas, Mexico put forward a proposal to reconfigure the inter-American system on the basis of the principles of non-interference and mutual benefit.

In his first participation in the summit, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard stressed that the OAS is an exhausted organization in the face of a reality that requires “entering a new phase in the relations of the countries of the Americas, and striving for a true and genuine union for the benefit of all.”

In a meeting with his regional counterparts, chaired by US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, Ebrard stressed that “excluding member states of the continent from this Summit of the Americas” is a strategic mistake, and pointed out that in the slogan of the regional meeting includes Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, countries that were not invited by the host United States. .

And the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that “it is unreasonable that at this stage we are still witnessing operations of sieges, bans and sanctions, even during the pandemic, against countries in the Americas, in contravention of international law and the goals that encourage us” in the region, according to a video released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He stated that from the Mexican perspective, “Given the new geopolitical reality that we are witnessing with the war in Europe, the recent economic competition that we are witnessing in which new regional trends will arise, everything will advise change and a new era in which the relations of the Americas will be.”

He pointed out that “it is clear that the Organization of American States and its way of working are exhausted in the face of this reality. Just look at the shameful role he played in the coup in Bolivia.”

On behalf of Mexico, Ebrard proposed the formation of a working group to present a project to re-establish the American common order based on the principles of non-interference and mutual benefit.

He asked to return to the thought of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who quoted one of his speeches: “In the field of world politics, I would like to dedicate this nation – that is, the United States – to the policy of good-neighbourliness: a neighbor who respects himself resolutely and thus respects the rights of others; a person who respects his obligations and respects the sanctity of Agreements in the world of neighbors and with him.

President Roosevelt said, “We realize now, how we did not realize before our mutual interdependence, which we cannot simply take, but we must also give.”

“What if we take, and restore, inter-America policy based on non-interference and mutual benefit?” the Secretary of State stressed.

Ebrard participated in the opening ceremony of the summit led by President Joe Biden. “I had the honor to greet President Joe Biden and his beautiful wife Jill, friends from Mexico. You conveyed the appreciation of President Lopez Obrador and his wife, Beatriz Gutierrez Mueller, as well as the affection of the people of Mexico.”

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