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The last farewell tossed from the cannon began To the late Minister of Environment, Orlando Jorge Mira, in the Puerta del Cielo cemetery His relatives spread out in the gardens.

Before that, members of the armed forces paid military honors while the coffin was transported to its final resting place, where a Christian was buried.

The sound of trumpets and drums marked by a procession of flowers Which gave a formal touch to the ceremony.

“When our parents died, she told me that now we must be closer than ever, I conveyed the same peace that my mother conveyed (…), I will miss our conversations, your advice, and your wisdom,” said Delia Leticia Jorge, the late official’s sister, in a broken voice.

In her emotional speech, the public servant also stated that she did not always agree, however, the love and respect they expressed meant that this never interfered in their relationship.

“I am left with this peace I let you do what I liked and was happy, I love you my brother “.

He stressed that although they did not always think the same way, they loved and respected each other so much that they supported each other.

Our relationship was loved, supported, respected and admired; I admit that I was filled with fear because you were my back, what was left of my father and mother, and I know I am not alone. And above all, because you are with my father and my mother.”

The funeral was attended by First Lady of the Republic Raquel Arbagi, President of the Senate Eduardo Estrella and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Alfredo Pacheco.

Before being interred, the remains of the late Minister Jorge Mira were posthumously enshrined in The National House of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Where the senior leadership of that organization gave him a guard of honor in front of his coffin.

Later, the funeral procession moved to the Archdiocese of San Antonio de Padua where Bishop Ramon Benito Angels presided over the Eucharist with the body present asking for the eternal rest of the official.

During the religious ceremony, Patricia Victoria George, daughter of the late minister, spoke to those present for the first time since her father’s death.

“My father gave his life for this countryFor the sake of the family, for all its ideals, for all its moral principles, for the honesty which he held so dearly and that he valued above all.”

Similarly, in his speech, he used the podium to give thanks on behalf of his entire familythe support he received from the Dominican people.

Minister’s death

In an event that shocked the Dominican society, the son of former President Salvador Jorge Blanco, Shot dead in his office Noon on Monday, June 6th.

The The acknowledged killer of the official is Miguel Cruz, A close friend of Jorge Mira, who was arrested hours after the commission of the heinous crime by the authorities of the National Police and Public Prosecution.

Posthumous salute

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) made a tribute after his death with his relatives, relatives, and officials.

The act was led by Vice President Raquel Peña and First Lady Raquel Arbagi. Initially, an audiovisual film was presented in which his story was told Political life and contributions to the ruling party.

While the head of the political organization, José Ignacio Baleza, took the floor, he stressed that Jorge Mira “was a good-natured conciliator, a man who did nothing but build”.

He remembers that day before his death They were in Constanza where they planted a tree It’s called the green ebony of Valle Nuevo and at the time Orlando noted that this tree was 70 years from maturity. “This was Orlando, he didn’t plant for himself, he planted for posterity,” Palisa said.

In addition, he noted that he testified on Sunday, that Orlando was still a lively man, referring to the day before the tragedy.

“My friend Orlando, rest in peace and quiet because your efforts have not been in vain. Your friends and family will forever advance your legacy of love, peace and harmony,” he expressed resolutely as he showed himself strong in front of the audience.

Milagros Ortiz Bush

For its part, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, director general of the Department of Government Ethics and Integrity, stated that The administrator will remember though it is difficult.

“No one likes to remember difficult moments but I will do so responsibly,” he said, noting how tireless Orlando was, which is why he will be remembered forever.

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Thanks for the solidarity

your son

Representative Orlando Jorge Villegas, son of Jorge Mira speaking for the second time, Take the podium to thank the people of the Dominicans And to his fellow party members for the support provided in these “difficult” times.


“Thank you very much all of you for your support, this has been the most difficult moment of our lives,” the legislator told those present.

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Concluding his speech, Jorge Villegas urged the amphibious army men present at the tribute to emulate his father’s character for patience and maintain unity within the ranks of that organization.

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