“I apologize from the bottom of my heart” Margarita Rosa to Rodolfo Hernandez, why?

Margarita Rosa de Francisco has apologized for the mistake of mocking a painful truth for candidate Rodolfo Hernandez.

Dear Felipe Zuleta: I completely agree with you that there are unworthy ways of expressing anger and frustration like the ones you used towards candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, for whom I apologize wholeheartedly. I hope to be more attentive so as not to go back to this dynamic again,” said the actress.

The letter was sent after the criticism of journalist Felipe Zuleta, in which he rebuked the position of supporters of the ideas of the historical charter. The caller described the act as “disgusting” and “poor”.

Margarita Rosa had published a few days ago a photo in which Hernandez appeared crying in the middle of an interview with CNN, in which he was asked about the kidnapping and murder of his daughter Juliana by the National Liberation Army, a fact every time he was told that they were asking him for bankruptcy.

The trailer, which was published by the artist, which aroused alarm and criticism from various sectors, said: “When I imagine Rodolfo Hernandez as president”accompanied by a photo of the former mayor of Bucaramanga.

The actress, associated with the ideas of Gustavo Pietro, was forced to apologize and erase the decoration, however, many continued to criticize her. “I am aware of this error, thank you for making me see it,” de Francisco said in one of his letters. “It is unbelievable how harmful one can get to express anger. I should be more attentive. Big hug”He commented on his last apologies. “You’re right, I actually removed it,” he admitted.

One of the artists most involved in politics was Margherita Rosa de Francisco who championed Gustavo Pietro’s project for the presidency. Two weeks ago he confirmed again that he would vote for the historic charter leader, a fact for many that was more than evident from the messages he sends on his social networks.

In fact, many at one point believed he would run for Congress because of the closed list that makes up this left-wing coalition. Senator Gustavo Bolivar admitted that he had asked her on several occasions to release herself, but she preferred to stay away from the role.

In the middle of the election campaign, as with the stunt he had to erase, Margherita Rosa criticized Gustavo Petro’s opponents. After the first round, he fired several letters against Rodolfo Hernandez, and even called him “caves”.

“Some journalists, the so-called centrists, are already a danger when they repeat and repeat ‘two populist extremists.’ Can a man of Petro’s intellectual qualities be compared with a troglodyte like Hernandez?” asked the actress.

She added that, according to her, Petro may have a speech that “makes you think” because he is complex and has a “well-structured” project.

“Discord is one thing, but please do a little synthesis. Seriously, what a dangerous pouch that is the poignant center of this fascist country,” the actress wondered.

At the crossroads of messages on social networks, Margherita Rosa also took the opportunity to question opinion makers from other sectors and cajole those close to the charter. In recent days, Sofia praised Gustavo Pietro’s daughter, responded. “Listen to Sofia Petro. I love your answers. From this daughter, such mother and father,” said Margarita Rosa. The candidate’s daughter replied, “Thank you, Margarita.”

The actress realized that she had also received letters against her and shared them herself. She’s admitted that they called her “ugly,” among other adjectives.

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