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Sebastián Camilo Guanumen Parra has, in recent months, become a kind of shadow of Gustavo Petro.

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The young man, only 28, accompanies him to almost all political events and gets paid to make contacts until the candidate for the presidency of the historic charter was invited to the inauguration of the President of ChileGabriel Borek, last March.

Gustavo Petro and Gabriel Boric


Gustavo Petro Press

Today I would like to tell you that for the past three days I have been implementing @petrogustavo’s agenda in Chile. A month ago, I was able to establish a bond with the team of President @gabrielboric, thanks to GiorgioJackson and CatalinaPerezS, with whom we have put together a great agendaHe wrote on his networks, where he is followed by almost 20 thousand people.

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also He made a Petro pass to score a goal in a mixed game last week.

Scholarships and trash

Hugo Gwanomine Pacheco

Hugo Gwanumene Pacheco, father of Sebastian Gwanomen.


Hugo Gwanumene campaign for mayor of Sugamoso.

but now, Guanumen came out on top because he was recorded planning a media attack against Federico Gutiérrezwhen he faced Petro in the first election round.

We need to start attacking Fico, to plant some rumors and some elements that serve us against Fico, just as they do us (…) put his face in a rotten face, I don’t know. Do you trust your kids to a boss like Fico? (…) Did you know that you defended Envigado’s office? As if people who go out into the street and steal it, think: son of a bitch, this is Fico,” he heard him say in a video published by Semana magazine.

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EL TIEMPO established that the young man, a Colfuturo scholar and a political scientist by profession, was the son of Hugo Guanumen. The latter failed in his attempt to become Sugamoso Mayor of Human Columbia.

also, It was he who gave the positive perception of the state of the garbage trucks and garbage compactors that unleashed a scandal in the Petro mayor’s office..

Sebastian Guanomin Parra

This was the meeting in which Sebastian Guanomin Parra spoke of an alleged loss of prestige against Federico Gutierrez’s campaign.

Payments and Contracts

Petroleum Administration Expenses

Sebastian Guanomen rented a campaign headquarters for Gustavo Pietro for $6 million.


National Electoral Council

Gustavo Petro’s campaign paid the Guanumen 15,200,000 pesos, according to reports to the National Electoral Council. corresponding to administrative expenses.

Of these, 12 million pesos for rental of other campaign venues and 3.2 million pesos for a fee as a logistics coordinator.

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Guanumen, in December 2020, signed a contract for the provision of services with the Bogotá Council To support standard management plans and political control of the District Council.

On May 21, 2021, he signed another contract for 52,136,000 pesos with the Bogotá Council.

Contract Amendment 1 Sebastián Guanumen

Contract modification signed in July 2020. Added 34 days and $7,047,066.

His father has a current contract with Mayor Claudia Lopez for 64 million pesosfor “professional services in urban and architectural structuring of city demand tools, which permit land licensing for versus/VIP housing, and supplementary uses.”

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s Father and son appear to be related to GYP Consultoría y Construcciones SAS that were submitted to mayors’ bids.

EL TIEMPO searched for Sebastián Guanumen for his copy of the leaked videos and their content, but did not respond to messages.

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