Exercise and good nutrition: keys to overall well-being

The balance between nutrition and sports leads to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is why the two points should be essential and form part of human life and routine. Nowadays these habits are difficult to implement, which is why Tony El Nimr, on his 70th anniversary, wants people to know about these benefits, to motivate them to practice any sport.

Keeping the body in constant motion helps:

  • Improve bone health, increase energy and endurance.
  • Prevent heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.

However, the exercise must be performed according to the age of the person to avoid possible injuries and follow the recommendations of specialists.

childhood: Girls and boys should do any kind of sport that promotes their development and training.

Adolescence: At this point, it is best to do daily exercises and increase resistance and potential. It is recommended to use football, basketball, athletics, etc.

from 18: Practice strength, coordination and resistance exercises such as athletics, volleyball, and more.

Between 30 and 50 years old: At these ages it is best to avoid high-impact sports. It is suggested to do cycling, yoga or Pilates, as they help keep the muscles firm and fit.

From the age of fifty: Low-impact sports, such as swimming and walking. These are exercises that help improve and prolong quality of life and improve mood.

It is important to know that all types of exercise should be accompanied by a good diet and a recommendation from a health professional to know the most appropriate sport and food for your needs. Eat a varied and balanced way, look for foods rich in carbohydrates as a source of energy and fiber, as well as foods that contain protein. Eating a balanced diet is essential for proper physical and mental functioning.

Tony the Tiger invites you to celebrate his 70th birthday with him and be his partner in all those victories, start exercising and eating in a balanced way, to reach your fullest potential during the year.

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