Establishment of Foundation for Health Improvement

Elisa Tarazona, CEO of Ribera Salud.

health group River side She created her own foundation in order to “contribute to improve overall health, and the quality of life and well-being of people “with response to the social commitment of the Ribera group to the current or future population”. This came in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE), which publishes this decision on Thursday of March 7 of the same year to the General Directorate of Legal Security and Public Doctrine, according to which Ribera Health Foundation in the registry of institutions.

The President of the Ribera Foundation and CEO of the Health Group, Elisa Tarazona, is “very proud” of A new project for the company Because “it will give more impetus to the main areas of the present and The future of healthcaresuch as research, teaching and innovation.” Besides her, the following are part of the Board of Trustees: Alberto de Rosa, CEO of Centene for Europe and Ribera Advisor; Carlos Catalan, Director of Group Sponsorship; and Javier Palau, who is currently Managing Director of the Denia Ministry of Health , which operates the Ribera Group; and Julia Camps, Director of the Breast District Company. Thus, most members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees are healthcare professionals.

The Bank of England highlights, among the objectives of the institution, the will to promote and promote a model Preventive and predictive medicineThe Participatory, Personal and Population of the Ribera Health Group. “The Foundation is trying to encourage innovation and build a better future, by providing people with the tools to improve their quality of life through health management and education,” he says. Additionally, “Betting on cutting edge researchincluding new emerging diseases that can generate epidemics.”

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