Driver assault in driveway: ‘I thought about how bad my kids were because I got here’

The Charles de Gaulle lane driver who was robbed, Antonio Jimenez, said that when the unscrupulous man approached him with a knife He was only thinking of his children.

“This is what I call zero hour. That someone you’ve never seen threatens you with a knife telling you to give me everything, so what can one think? I only thought of my children. My kids are going to have a bad time He said as he told what happened.

He said he felt ‘Vulnerable and completely insecure’ Like the other passengers who were also assaulted by an unscrupulous person who got on the bus and He immediately pulled out a knife in a menacing form.

He mentioned that a pregnant young woman was sitting behind him, afraid, because her belongings were taken from her.

He explained that the aggressor Charged with cell phones and nearly 12,000 pesos Cash he had earned throughout the day.

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