Doctor shortage: UPV is open to increasing places in medicine, although the procedure won’t alleviate the physician shortage in the short term

UPV College of Medicine and Nursing.

University President Eva Ferreira will analyze the needs with Usakiditza but warns that the increase in student numbers will not lead to the health system “for another 10 years”.

The UPV/EHU is open to analyze the potential expansion of places for medical students to try to mitigate the need for new health professionals in Osakidetza in the future. This was confirmed today by the rector of the university, Eva Ferreira, who stated that she will analyze with Ussakiditz if the needs of the system pay for this increase in the number of places offered, which currently stands at 330.

In an interview on Euskadi Radio, Ferreira noted that it “must be studied in cooperation with Osakidetza”, calling for a good analysis of the situation and requirements, so that “good training is always guaranteed”. For this reason, everything indicates that there should be an increase in resources for both the faculty, the internship places, etc., even though the rector has admitted that “we have enough faculty”.

Added the rector of the university, who warned that despite the increase in this offer, the solution to the need for professionals in Osakiditsa will not come soon from this path.

“Anything we do now will have no consequences tomorrow. Ferreira cautioned that the current need cannot be solved by increasing places.” The rector estimated that this increase in places would return to the system in about “ten years”.


steadily increase

The Dean of UPV/EHU emphasized that in recent years there has already been an increase in the places available for medicine at the State University. He noted that “a few years ago there were 250 places and now there are 330 places.” Despite this increase, it seems clear that the training of this number of professionals is not sufficient to replace all professionals who are of retirement age, as indicated by the latest reports on professional needs.

Ferreira commented that the opening of the new Medical College in Basurto (Bilbao) for the 2024-2025 academic year could facilitate an increase in places in the UPV.

Regarding the new jobs that the Ministry of Health expects for nursing, Ferreira cautioned that it is necessary to analyze “the type of attribution and the changes to be made, but we will do this in the context of the agreement with Osakidetza, in which a follow-up to assess the needs is being carried out.”

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