Delia Leticia kicks out her brother Orlando Jorge Mira

Delia Leticia Jorge Mira He expelled his brother, Orlando Jorge Miraat his final resting place in the Puerta del Cielo cemetery, some heartfelt words that reminded of how inseparable they were.

As his only brother from the marriage of the former President of the Republic, Salvador George White and lady Acilla Mira de Jorge (both deceased), Delia Leticia He was called his “brother, friend, and advisor.”

“I was what was left of my mum and dad”, he said between tears. He said that in the past year and a half they have seen each other more than in previous years.

The official, who serves as deputy minister of innovation, transparency, and citizen interest, said the assassinated environment minister was happy to do what he loved.

“Every time you go to the (national) palace we saw each other. I gave you that coffee that you liked so much. I told you I loved you and you kept going. I will miss those meetings,” she said. Unfortunately.

In his emotional message before his brother’s coffin, he added the following: I always told you ‘You look used, but happy’. – “You believe” – ​​he answered, and I said to him: “Of course! And we laughed.”

‘When my mum and dad died, she told me–now we have to be closer than ever–and I said, ‘Of course’ and We honor that commitment to the end.”.

The sister said that she will miss her Their complicity, laughter, conversations, coffee, Advice and wisdom from the politician who has two children with Patricia Villegas, Orlando and Patricia Victoria.

“We didn’t always think alike, but we loved and respected each other so much that we supported each other.”

He stated that his brotherly and family relationship was based on love, respect and support in his decisions and above all: “We had each other’s admiration.”

With difficulty in speaking, he continued his sincere words in memory of Jorge Mira and at the same time thanked all the signs of support.

“I admit that I was full of fear because You were my support, you were what was left of my father and mother And I felt in the air, but these hours, with a torrent of hugs, letters, showing love, affection towards you, towards us, towards friends, people who worked with my father and my mother … The city, Orlando, the whole family is with you and I know I’m not alone“.

“You left me with the peace you let me do what I loved and did it with such passion, That you were happy, and above all, that you are with my father and my mother. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me.”

He also described him as a supportive brother and a flawless uncle with Isabel and Elijah, and conveyed the same peace with his mother, Dona Acella Mira de Jorge.

He concluded by saying that they will always remain in their hearts, thoughts and actions. “As Mom and Dad tell us every day: Unity, strength and love. We will win. I love you, Orlando.”

In the burial Next to relatives were the First Lady of the Republic Raquel Arbagi; the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella; Interviewer Guillermo Gómez, who gave the eulogy, as well as family, friends, and figures from political and legal life who have known Jorge Mera for the 55 years of his life.

At 4:39 this Wednesday, the body arrived at the Puertas del Cielo cemetery with the remains of the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge MiraWhere he was buried in Christianity.

Father Juan Pablo, an advocate of the Gospel, began the service with Father Lana and gave the floor to the caller Guillermo Gómez who was in charge of the eulogy and who identified Jorge Mera as one of his sons.

Jorge Mira was killed on Monday by six bullets by his childhood friend, Miguel CruzWhen he entered his office at the Environment Headquarters, he demanded that his requests be met, according to the Public Prosecution’s file.

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