Brent and Texas oil prices today, June 9: How much does it cost and how much does it cost?

oil prices They wake up stable.

On the morning of this Thursday, June 9, The prices of Brent Crude and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude did not witness significant changes compared to the previous day, Yet they continue Arrangement in three numbers.

Currently, Prices are approaching their historical maximum in the past two decades after a rise of more than three percent recorded yesterdayWednesday, June 8.

Experts on this topic point out that Oil prices remain flat due to the new lockdown in Minhang, Shanghai, due to an increase in coronavirus infections, Which raised concerns about him new wave of COVID-19 In China This is at the end That would reduce demand in Asia.

Oil prices were flat and Shanghai’s Minhang district closed It raised fears of a second part of COVID in China, which led to a drop in demand in Asia. However, it shows how tight There is the supply of oil that has not diminished today because of this news“, Jeffrey Haley said OANDAaccording to information collected by TV newscasts.

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Prices of a barrel of Brent and Texas oil today, June 9: What is its cost and how much is it pricing?

According to the latest update of Oil price chartsAnd the A recognized website with more than 150 indicators and blends of oils around the world, for this Thursday, June 9th Brent crude barrel price standing at $123.38, at the same time The cost of the equivalent of US West Texas Intermediate crude is 121.76 dollars.

Prices are yesterday, around the same time (1:30 p.m. ET) They were $123.41 and $122.92 for Brent and West Texas Intermediate, respectively.

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