Between tears and tales, Orlando Jorge Mira is fired

After 12:30 on Wednesday the casket arrived at the National House of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) with the challenges of the Minister of Environment, Orlando Jorge Mirawas killed last Monday at the headquarters of the government institution.

The tribute at the ruling party headquarters began with notes of the Dominican national anthem, followed by party tunes.

Gianilda Vasquez, member of the Executive Directorate of Party Organisation, performed the main prayer during the tribute paid to the deceased minister.

“We must all emulate the legacy of Orlando, from our grassroots all the way up. Orlando, you are leaving today physically, but you will always be in our hearts,” Vasquez said.

During the tribute, an audiovisual film was presented that covered the life and work of the person who held, until Monday, June 6, the position of Minister of State. The Ministry of Environment The delegate of the PRM before the Central Electoral Council (JCE).

The Companions remembered the official as a conciliator in moments of stress and a source of peace in most need, and they gave a series of applause that accompanied crying and laughter as they recalled all the deeds he had done.

Milagros Ortiz Bosch, Vice President of PRM, while saying a few words in honor of the murdered attorney, explained that the day before his death he did what he loved most in life, which was to plant trees on National Environment Day.

“Let’s have that sweet memory of Orlando doing what he loved the day before he died,” Ortiz-Busch said.

The first guard of honor was made for Jorge Mira by the president of the PRM, José Ignacio Baleza; General Secretary, Carolina Mejia; Hipolito Mejia and Raquel Peña.

The second goalkeeper, the first lady, Raquel Arbagi. The miracle of Ortiz Bush; Roberto Volcar and Cesar Cedeno.

The third honor guard, Rita Abenader. Jose Abenader, Fred Ravol and Luis Valdez. Eddie Olivares, Nelson Arroyo, Rafael Santos and Ulises Rodriguez did the same. Other leaders and relatives of the deceased stood next to his body.

For a moment, Jorge Mira’s party comrades raised the purge with a signal from that organization to remember him.

After the homage was completed at PRM’s National House, the coffin was moved to the church of San Antonio de Padua where the slain official congregated.

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