AMLO health plan is useless: Doctors

It is not worthwhile for Mexicans in a year to get free care and medicine, because it takes years … decades to create a health system with these characteristics, not just one, as the president emphasized on Thursday Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorcandid doctors.

consulted before Globalismwe point out that beyond the commitments of the head of the federal executive branch, there are only good intentions.

“Creating a health system or leaving it to the point is not something that will take you two years, or what you have left, or 850 days, or a period of six years. It is something that takes decades.” says Xavier Tello, surgeon and author of the book The tragedy of inferiority.

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This Thursday, at his morning conference at the National Palace, Lopez Obrador promised that within a year medical care and medicine would be free and universal in the health sector.

“We already have this very clear commitment: Medicare for everyone, no matter if you have an ISSSTE, if you have insurance, no, it’s comprehensive. That’s it. welfare statethe right to health, enshrined in the Constitution, in Article 4, but it is a dead letter, like many other things contained in the Constitution, which are statements and principles but are in fact not implemented,” he added.

Tello comments that what Lopez Obrador wants to achieve is to integrate all government health systems into IMSS-Wellness, “Changing the paint on everything, stationery and administration. But that doesn’t mean everyone has health coverage, because to ensure what he promised, a budget is needed. enough.”

He adds: “All the money needed to pay the supposed bonus is not available. If what the president wants is to provide coverage in which you pay for all services for all ailments of patients, then there will not be enough money.”

He explains that of all the countries that make up the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexico is the country that invests the least money in health, at $620 per year per patient, while Germany, for example, exceeds $5,000. and Great Britain 4 thousand and 200 dollars.

In order to have full coverage of this quality, the budget for health must be increased eight times. This will not happen.”

Coordinator of the League Committee for the Concern of the Covid-19 Emergency, Samuel Ponce de Leonpoints out that all doctors and health professionals would like a free universal system, but he makes it clear that it’s easier said than done.

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“Quality of services is essential to the existence of high-quality services High quality medical careIt requires high investment and preparation, as well as extensive infrastructure capacity. So, saying that in a year we will have free services might actually be achievable. But this means that we will have a good health system that is not within the real potential,” he emphasizes.

For Ponce de León, the reward will only be realized if we have a system with ample capacity to provide primary care “and we don’t have it at the moment; the facilities and the training of doctors are not optimal. Building a good health system is not done only with words … and with saliva. Effort must be made. Great planning, great investment in human resources, budget and infrastructure.”

He says that the federal executive authority’s statements of commitment and ambition are not clear. “Unfortunately, their health advisors have not been specific in making this strategy a reality.”

Alejandro Yacom, an academic from UNAM, points out that what Lopez Obrador referred to would certainly remain in good faith, because in order to achieve free care and in Drugs“A very, very large investment is required. And what we have seen in recent years is that the health budget has not increased but decreased.

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