A teenager tries to kill the principal of a high school in La Romana

A 15-year-old boy attacked, on Tuesday, with a machete, in the presence of his mother, the office manager Banquet hall Raul Cairo from Guaymate Community, Prefecture Romanian.

The victim is Renilda Villavicencio, who said the situation arose because she was asked to take the mother to the center due to an incident last Friday in which a student grabbed one of his classmates to be beaten by another.

He pointed out that the student attended on Monday without his teacher and I told him that he could not go to the center because the mother did not attend, but he entered the center. Banquet hall.

The director of the campus revealed that he returned on Tuesday and confirmed that he could not enter because he did not attend his mother. “He told me I was bothering him a lot, because he sent his mother so often.” He confirms this because he summoned the minor’s father on several previous occasions.

And he narrated that the young man came home and returned to the center, he entered from behind, since the gate is not very high and entered with a machete, so he went into the office, where precisely his mother, near me, was in an office.

“He comes and throws the scythe at me; one of my arm was raised, and for this he could not hit me in the neck, for he shot me fatal, as the scythe first hit the edge of the wall and only hit my arm,” he said.

He indicated that after carrying out the operation, he fled and threw the weapon in his place. Then they call the police, look for him, and find him locked up in his house.

He noted that the mother helped them open and stop the lock. The minor is in custody.

He explained that violence is repeated in the center and that he has a file in which several cases were recorded.

In another order, make it clear that in this educational center there is no school police that can give answers to this type of action.

The President of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) of Guaymate, Belgium Feliciano, expressed herself on the matter and said that this entity will hold a meeting and deal with this and other situations affecting the sector.

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