◉ BLUE dollar TODAY: price and how much it’s trading on June 10

The official price of the blue dollar and the dollar for June 10 in Argentina. What is the currency rate.

The blue dollar today He keeps expecting Argentines day in and day out. For this reason, below we will tell you the price that was listed on June 10. Find out how much the dollar is traded on the official market as well as on the parallel market.

BLUE dollar TODAY: Today’s price and quote, June 10

Last update 6/10 at 07:00

shopping a discount
us dollars $120.75 USD 126.75
blue dollar
205 bucks 208 USD
Solidarity dollar USD 209.14
wholesale dollars USD 121.42 USD 121.62
CDO C/LIQ دولار dollars USD 209.38 USD 211.06
US dollar cash $214.75 $216.13

What are the types of dollars in Argentina

Born in January 2014 and consisting of the official value of the North American currency plus 20% income and personal property tax, it should be noted that there is still selling inventory of $200 per person and month.

Also known as a black dollar or parallel dollar, this bill is sold in the informal market, through small trees or caves. They usually have a much higher exchange rate than the official dollar.

  • 3- Mep Dollar or Bolsa Dollar

It consists of the purchase of bonds in pesos and their subsequent sale in dollars. It is denominated in dollars but listed in dollars and peso, allowing it to be operated in both currencies.

It is the one in which people or companies sell or buy dollars to the bank or exchange agencies, according to the price offered by each entity. There are two types of rates: ‘buy’, which is the price the bank is willing to pay to buy dollars from people, and ‘sell’.

Foreign trade is used to pay debts and dividends. In addition, it corresponds to the official dollar rate that the central bank charges retail banks.

This is a process by which a person or company can exchange Argentine peso for dollars abroad, by buying and selling shares or debt securities.

  • 7- Dollars for industry and services

Due to the impact of the deductions, exporters of manufactures and services actually receive dollars worth less than the official value, and much less than the blue one.

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