Who can prescribe tezirpatide in obese patients?

Jose Polo and Carlos Miranda.

The terzepatidemedicine to be treated, Type 2 diabetesgood results to combat obesity. According to the results of a phase III study conducted by researchers at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, they showed Weight reduction 21 percent in patients. These data are encouraging, and the drug sheds some light on combating it obesity. But what really? The patients You will be able to take advantage of terzepatide To fight this disease? representatives Primary health carewho suffer from the two diseases closely, analyze medical writing Best suited for professionals Description of terzipatide And for what patients it will be available. In fact, basic professionals assert that the first step is to Ministry of Health should be” Terzipatide Financing for obesity.

in this meaning, Joseph PoloPresident of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians Favoriteconsiders that “Primary care can prescribe, without any problem, tirzepatide to these patients, since the prescription GLP-1 . analogueswhich is what these drugs are called, primary He has been doing this for years.” Similarly, the specialist adds that “the people who can benefit from this type of medication are those who have BMI greater than 30 And they had Poor blood glucose controlThat is, glycated hemoglobin is not controlled.

This is the terzepatide It can be described perfectly Obese patients with type 2 diabetes And Primary can do so, as long as the patient presents these two indicators: a body mass index greater than 30 and poor glycemic control,” asserts Semergen President. However, Polo explains to this medium that, for now, the Spanish health system “not financed GLP-1 . analoguesto which it belongs terzepatideto treat obesity.

This situation, says Polo, “causes a problem that Access to this type of medicine As for obesity treatment, it is limited, meaning it is limited to patients who have money and can afford it.”

Carlos Miranda: “I do not believe, at the moment, that the Ministry of Health approves or funds tirzepatide for the treatment of obesity”

A condition that “also occurs with other drugs”, as Polo described and exemplified ” Direct acting anticoagulants, which is authorized for use in Spain for the prevention of venous thromboembolism and in patients with atrial fibrillation. However, for the prevention of pulmonary thromboembolism is not funded.” For Semergen chief this nuance is “important”.

Likewise, Polo asserts that “another problem now arises with Terzepeptide for obesity It is knowing what will happen to bariatric surgery. This is much more expensive than this drug and is funded by the public health system for this type of patient. This leads us to analyze that if tirzepatide were funded to treat obesity, many bariatric surgeries would be avoided.”

SNS tizerpatide funding for obesity

To all this, said the head of the Diabetes Working Group of the Spanish Association of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG), Charles MirandaAnd the medical book asserts that “for the primary prescribing of tirzepatide in the treatment of obesity, the The National Health System (SNSYou must authorize him first.”

Permission from tirzepatide for Obesity treatmentaccording to Miranda, “At the moment you won’t get approval or funding from Ministry of HealthHowever, Miranda explains that “when there is an indication that a drug exists for a pathology, any qualified professional can prescribe it, including those who Primary health care‘, he concludes.

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