This is how those who “censored” Prosecutor Bechi before his execution acted

Authorities have relied on security videos to reconstruct various moments from the actions of those allegedly involved in the killing of Paraguayan Prosecutor Marcelo Picchi in Cartagena last May.

According to investigations, it was found that the alleged perpetrators, Mother and son, Marisol Lodoño and Cristián Camilo Bedoya were responsible for following in the footsteps of the attorney general and his wife.who were on their honeymoon in Colombia.

Londono and Bedoya stayed at a hotel in central Cartagena, while Winder Scott Carrillo, who had been identified as an alleged hired killer, and Iverson Adrian Arreta, who is in charge of transportation for the organization, stayed at a hotel in the Laguito sector of Bolivar’s capital. .

Authorities traced Marisol Lodoño and Christian Camilo Bedoya, the so-called “tags,” through security camera images.

One of the videos shows how Marisol Londono raises her arms when she is at sea, which will be a mark to identify Beachy and inform the militants of her location on the beach.

Moments later, they arrived at waterslide Alleged killers in the Playa Blanca region, for the murder of the Paraguay Public Prosecutor.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has revealed the details of the investigation into the murder of Prosecutor General Marcello Picci. The follow-up of the killers was recorded by video. – Photo: Prosecutor’s Office

The nation’s attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, also noted that all of these videos and other evidentiary materials were important for the continuation of this investigation. “When you walk in Cartagena the traceability is complete. This city is very safe on these terms.”noted Barbosa, who highlighted all the technical assistance that the Public Prosecutor’s Office and authorities have to carry out these investigations.

Prosecutor Barbosa confirmed at the press conference that the posts on social networks served as a source of information for the alleged criminals who followed Pecci and his wife to learn their movements.

The authorities offer a reward for the nickname Mendoza

For information that led to the arrest of Gabriel Carlos Salinas Mendoza, nicknamed Mendoza, the sixth person involved in the murder of Paraguay’s public prosecutor, the authorities indicated that they were offering a reward of 500 million pesos.

Previously, the Director of Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, confirmed that the fugitive would be in Venezuela. The intelligence we have from Interpol is that This person left for Venezuela and that is why it is very important that Interpol write to the whole world, But with a focus on neighboring countries. Although there is not much, or almost non-existent, cooperation, we have met With this requirement to tell them to locate, pick up and notify Columbia to start corresponding actions, so that it comes down to answering that process.”

We studied 20 places; of items of evidence, 200; locating and assembling security cameras, 120; analyzing a video watch, 2500; analyzing technical information on antennas, 40; intercepting telephone lines, 67; interviews, 27; identifying a photographic album, 14; analysis of social networks, 10 (…) and investigative activities, more than 3,000 ”, explained Prosecutor Barbossa Delgado in detail.

The prosecution charged the five defendants with premeditated murder and trafficking, or manufacturing or carrying heavy firearms.. Now they are working on finding the sixth concerned person to whom they are offering the reward.

According to the investigation conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office into the murder, there was a meeting in the city of Medellin at which the killers and those who coordinated the crime finalized the details. And they waited for the information and the order to assassinate the official. Once in Colombia, the assassins began their journey to Cartagena.

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