The price of the dollar today, June 9: the exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua …

U.S. dollar Dawn of progress.

On the morning of this Thursday, May 9, The national currency index recorded an increase Investors meet Analysis of various issues of the economic situation, especially inflation data.

It should be noted that there is less willingness to risk in the face of fears about global financial markets, After the World Bank It lowered its forecast for global economic expansion through 2022. The entity warned that several Years of high inflation and mediocre growthpointed out core bank, According to information collected by Money in the picture.

It is expected to be Friday, June 10th US inflation data was released with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of May.

Forecasts indicate a Year-on-year inflation increased 8.3%, without significant changes compared to the previous month, April.

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The price of the dollar today, June 9: the exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua …

next one, How much is the price of the US dollar in Mexico and part of Central America on Tuesday, June 9 According to the latest update of the recognized website A financial site with great influence all over the world.

  • Mexico: 19.6232 Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • Costa Rica: 686.61 Costa Rican Colón (CRC)
  • Guatemala: 7.7250 Quetzal (GTQ)
  • Honduras: 24.5700 lumpiras (HNL)
  • Nicaragua: 35.8500 Cordoba Gold (NIO)


  • Mexico: 19.6232 Mexican Peso | Yesterday: 19.5765 Mexican Pesos
  • Costa Rica: 685.08 Costa Rican Colón | 680.08 Costa Rican Colon
  • Guatemala: 7.7150 Quetzal | 7.7100 quetzal
  • Honduras: 24.3399 lambiras | 24.3426 lambiras
  • Nicaragua: 357000 Golden Cordoba | 35.7000 gold coins

a discount

  • Mexico: 19.6293 Mexican Peso | Yesterday: 19.5870 Mexican Pesos
  • Costa Rica: 688.15 Costa Rican colón | 684.15 Costa Rican Colón
  • Guatemala: 7.7350 Quetzal | 77300 quetzal
  • Honduras: 248000 lm | 248000 lm
  • Nicaragua: 360,000 Golden Cordoba | 36000 golden cordoba

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