The price of the dollar today, June 9, is losing the peso in the session

Today, Thursday, June 09, 2022 AD dollar quotes At 19.6814 pesos per unit with real-time downtrend. According to a report BanxicoThe peso fell 9.53 cents in the exchange rate to settle at 19.6682 pesos per unit against the interbank spot dollar. On this day, the Mexican peso depreciated.

Today, the markets received inflation data for the local economy, as the economist Gabriella Seiler highlighted that during the month of May, the rise in consumer prices declined to close at 7.28% to add 18 consecutive months with the same trend.

The phenomenon of rising product prices reveals inflationary pressures, as it does the rescue with respect to core inflation, which has also been rising for 18 consecutive months, reaching its highest level since December 2000, with a rise in food goods at an annual rate of 11.27%.

The price of the dollar in banks Mexicans:

  • Bank of MexicoBuy: $19.6682 – Sell: $19.6682
  • HSBC: Buy: $19.17 – Sell: $20.86
  • Panamax: Buy: $19.06 – Sell: $20.14
  • Bancomer Bank: Buy: $19.83 – Sell: $20.73
  • Panorty: Buy: $18.51 – Sell: $20.90
  • Scotiabank: Buy: $19.26 – Sell: $20.02
  • Ninth: Buy: $18.49 – Sell: $20.90
  • Baguio Bank: Buy: $19.82 – Sell: $20.89
  • Monix: Buy: $19.81 – Sell: $20.32
  • Azteca Bank: Buy: $20.15 – Sell: $20.87
  • Inbursa: Buy: $19.11 – Sell: $20.11
  • Santander: Buy: $19.51 – Sell: $21.07
  • exchange: Buy: $19.1778 – Sell: $20.1883
  • Banregio: Buy: $18.81 – Sell: $20.29

As for the Bitcoinis currently at $29988.3 with a real-time downtrend.

We advise you to read the price of the dollar today, Thursday, and the peso opens its day with appreciation

Referring to euroIt is priced at $20.89 pesos, compared to $24.58 pesos from Sterling pound general average.

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