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Mexico Blow again, this time during Ninth Summit of the AmericasWhich he wondered a lot before he debuted this week in Los Angeles. Marcelo Ebrardhis foreign minister, asserted that “The role you playOrganization of American States (OAS), all sold out.

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Because of the new reality, the proposal that Mexico would like to make […] is that we are forming a working group to present the project to re-establish the American common system‘, detained.

And he added: “it is clear that Organization of American States And their way of acting is exhausted in front of this reality“.

Later, Ebrard himself revealed the real reason for the proposal: “Why don’t we rethink The principle of non-interference and mutual benefit?“.

With these words, the Foreign Minister was not only questioning the decision of the host country for the summit, United Statenot to invite CubaAnd the Venezuela s Nicaragua; But it dealt a blow to the institution that is based Washington.

To understand Ebrard’s letter, the Analyst Oscar Vedarte It suggests three angles. The first relates to noting the role he plays OAS. It is true, he says, that the organization faced many problems in dealing with the most important problems in the region, which are almost always associated with defending democracy.

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For example, in the topic Venezuelanits general secretary, Luis Almagro, practically became an activist against Nicolas Maduro. Then, somehow, re-election Evo Morales in Bolivia Also strange, his departure from power“.

And then, through the stream top of the americasAlmagro interrupted him and accused him of “Dozens of people who died in Bolivia in 2019 have their hands stained with blood″.

Criticism occurs because of Venezuela OAS and . left Nicaragua Follows the same path. That is, it is a living organism that leaves its organs. This indicates something“.

He. She secondly What ought to be taken into account to understand Ebrard is, to a large extent, the OAS”, says Vedarte.It depends on countries like United Statewhich has always been a burden because it generates limitations“.

This would be clearer if some countries are not invited to top of the americasIt is an unsupported argument because the meeting’s founding message states that only democratic states will be accepted.

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Water for your mill

The third element that Vedarti suggested is Mexican foreign policy. What Ebrard said should be understood as how his country seeks leadership in the region inA moment that neither Brazil nor Argentina showed“.”Ironically, during the early years of the AMLO government there was not much interest“.

To back up his reasoning, the laissez-faire argument is key.

Mexico has a very particular view on this issue of, let’s say, a more classic one, despite the fact that today’s discussions on this topic are much more complex. Non-interference cannot be a tool or a weapon that allows the violation of democracy and human rights“.

For Ebrard, solving problems does not go through the OAS. Rather, it is about trusting that a file Community of Latin American and Caribbean States He will direct the fate of the region. “Talking about silac As an integration mechanism, which it is not, and he says it can serve the transition of Latin America to something that can resemble European Union“.

Presence Argentine President Alberto Fernandez At the Summit of the Americas on behalf of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, to be coordinated with his Mexican counterpart. This shows that Mexico wields great influence“.

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However, it is clear to Vedarty that all the problems the OAS faces are—”That countries are no longer interested in being a part and that their exit from the organization generates nothing“It is not your fault alone, because it is not yours.”Fantastic tools“.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard. Reuters / Daniel Bisrel

What Ebrard says contains a valid part, criticism, but it is necessary to see what he suggests. One thing is to re-establish the OAS and the other is to make it disappear. It will also be necessary to see if Mexico can achieve regional consensus and support, and turn this into leadership“.

But these are longer processes: the re-establishment of the Latin American system does not happen through rhetoric, especially since it is a divided region with divergent tendencies.“.

In any case, Viddhart asserts, this situation presents a good opportunity to reflect on the OAS,”Which showed shortcomings and lost their importance“. Says:

“What are we talking about when we say we want to re-establish the OAS? To expel the United States? Do we want to put it aside and promote CELAC? I don’t know if that is the most preferable path.”“.

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